01 - The Beach Seems to be a Good Place to Swim, Relax, and.. Write Songs?

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"FINALLY! THE BEACH!" Nagisa shouted, taking a deep breath of the ocean air, "This is the best way to spend a sunny Sunday morning! Come on guys!"

With that, Nagisa was off, followed by Rei, and Haru, who was already losing pieces of clothing as he ran towards the blue waves. Makoto, forever the mother of the bunch, walked behind everyone else, smiling at their antics while helping Gou carry their stuff. Gou came next, happily looking at the three as she walked to a shady spot, hauling a picnic basket in her hands.

After helping Gou set up picnic blankets and umbrellas, Makoto soon joined the rest of the boys. Gou stretched, yawning as she squinted at the sheer brightness of the sun, before lying back down on the blanket, and opening a book.

It has been a month since they started school. Haru and Makoto are third years, while Nagisa, Rei, and Gou were second years. They all felt happy, since they sorted things out with Rin, and all is well now.

"Mako-chan come on!" Nagisa called out, already further off the shore.

"When did you get that far?" Makoto chuckled, Nagisa is always so energetic.

"I heard Rin and Sousuke is coming today." Rei swam to Nagisa.

"Oh yeah! Rin-chan should be here any minute now."

As if on cue, a mop of maroon hair appeared on the beach. Rin was walking towards Gou, with a tall, dark haired guy beside him. It must be Sousuke, Nagisa thought.

They swam back to the shore to greet the newcomers, not even bothering to fetch Haru, who was enjoying the sea like a dolpin. Gou was up and talking to her brother when they reach the shore.

"Yo! Rin-chan and Sou-chan! I'm glad you made it!" Nagisa greeted enthusiastically.

"Hey Nagisa, Makoto, Rei," Rin pushed a few strands of maroon hair away from his eyes, "the invite was pretty sudden but I needed a break so here we are!"

Sousuke smiled at them, still alert for the presence of Haru, who he was not so fond of.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Nagisa was practically jumping with excitement, "Lets Gou!"

"Did he just?!!" Gou sputtered, watching the boys jog off towards the ocean, Rin also running with them.

Sousuke, on the other hand, calmly undressed to his swimming trunks, before following them.

After a while, Gou decided that she probably should take some pictures, for the sake of memories. In a year, Haru, Makoto, and her brother might not be able to hang out together like this, so this would be a great opportunity to start keeping precious moments in photographs.

If he were to be honest, Sousuke felt kind of left out. He was not the type to just rush in and go all splashy with excitement. I should have brought Nitori, and Momo, he thought. He warmed up a bit and swam free style towards the bunch, deciding to give it a try at least.

"Sou-chan! Look I found a funny shaped rock," Nagisa waved a piece of rock, more like a chunk coral.

"Don't call me Sou-chan," Sousuke murmured, kind of embarrased with the nickname.

They continued to play around in the beach until Gou called them back.

"Guys! Lunch is ready!"

"Ah! What protein flavor do you have today?" Nagisa was already swimming quickly towards the shore while Rei and Makoto exchanged knowing glances.

"I'll go get Haru" Makoto looked around, before spotting Haru and swimming after him.

"You go ahead Rin," Sousuke put his swimming goggles on, "I'm gonna do a couple more laps"

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