02 - Welcome to Iwatobi!

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"Haru?" Makoto called out, slightly jumpy. School is starting in an hour! What is that dolphin doing?

"Haru, I'm coming in," Makoto twisted the door handle and went in the bathroom. As expected, Haru was still in the tub, happily soaking in the rapidly cooling water. He looked up at Makoto, nonchalance in his eyes.

"Good morning, Haru-chan," Makoto offered his hand, smiling.

He looked away, "Don't add the -chan, Makoto." As per usual, Haru took Makoto's hand and got up.

"You're wearing your swimsuit," Makoto chuckled, "I'm not even surprised."

Makoto followed Haru out, complaining when he put on his apron, ready to cook some mackerel for breakfast. "We are going to be late, Haruuu!" he shook his head.

"Mackerel is important."

"Alright!! Just make it quick."

After Haru finally ate his breakfast, the two rushed to Iwatobi High, walking at a brisk pace so that they could get there in time. The day was pretty much normal, but then, on their usual route to school, Haru noticed a (hair colour) haired girl, just exiting her house and locking the door.

"Haru, she is wearing Iwatobi high's uniform," Makoto said, as if he was reading Haru's mind. Just the perks of being good friends for a long time.

"I don't think I've seen her before though.." Makoto trailed off, trying to dig his memories for her name, but coming up devoia of answers.

"Do you think she's the transfer student Gou mentioned?" Haru said, but then stopped walking when his eyes locked with (eye colour) orbs.

"Oh. Hello!" Makoto approached her, smiling kindly, "Are you new around here?"

"Um.. Yeah. I am." She seemed to be on the shy side, Haru thought.

She shifted her weight from foot to foot, looking up at Makoto and him. "Are you from Iwatobi high? I-I mean your uniform looks like mine..."

"Yeah! We are on our way there. Come with us, I'm sure Haru wouldn't mind." Makoto looked back at Haru, who only shrugged and looked away.

Makoto seemed to notice her hesitance, so he quickly said "Ahh don't mind Haru, he is pretty shy, but he's actually nice when you get to know him."

"Alright," she smiled, and the three began walking.

"Ah, I haven't introduced myself," Makoto chuckled nervously, "I'm Makoto Tachibana, but you can just call me Makoto. That's Haruka Nanase."

"I'm (Name)."

"What class will you be in?"

(Name) tilted her head, "I'm not sure, I still need to talk to the principal. What I know is I will be in third year."

"That's great, we are the same then! Anyway, where are you from? Before Iwatobi.."

"Umm, I'm from Tokyo," (Name) was glancing at Haru. She did not want to take Makoto from him. However, Haru seemed to not mind, enjoying the silence while watching the two interact.

"Why did you come to Iwatobi then?"

"About that..." She racked her brain for an answer. She didn't feel like telling them her life story yet, or the full reason why she came all the way to Iwatobi from Tokyo, but she needed to answer. "My right leg. I injured it a while ago, and there was something wrong with the bone. Doctors told me to take it easy, and perhaps swim more to help it heal." Not the full reason, but that is enough for now.

"I see." Makoto looked at the road ahead, the school was already visible a few hundred meters ahead. "In that case, do you want to join the swim club? I'm in it and we kinda need more members."

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