48 - I Finally Got You Again

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Any moment now, (Name) thought to herself, her hands firmly clasped against her mouth to muffle her breathing.

Any moment, Ashiro is coming back to check on her and even get the phone he dropped. She was ready, however. She had cut through her bounds with the piece of glass and after calling Sousuke, had hidden in one of the empty boxes in the room.

As if right on cue, footsteps could be heard coming closer towards her room. She shrunk back even more, shaking slightly. Will he find her there? What will happen if he did? What if he-

Her thoughts were cut off by a long string of cusswords. It was Ashiro. He's in the room and he was livid.

She heard him slam the door close and his footsteps fading away.

"She's gone! She escaped already! This is all your fault!" he yelled at his friend.

Some scuffling ensued, along with verbal argument. The two seemed to be arguing on what to do on this situation.

"I'll kill her!" she heard Ashiro yell out, "I'll kill that bitch! Forget the money, I don't want to go to jail!"

It lasted for a few minutes before with a tone of finality, Ashiro announced, "I'll search the East and North. You better go and search the South and the West. Yell my name when you find her. That bitch needs to be taught a lesson."

(Name), still hidden inside the box, shivered with fear. She certainly did not want to find out what "lesson" Ashiro has in store for her.

It was silent after Ashiro and his friend were gone. But even so, she waited for a few more moments before she came out of the box and quickly made her way outside.

Upon exiting the building, she stopped on her tracks in surprise. Where in the world is she?

All around her were trees and shrubbery. It was like a forest or something, loud with bird cries and cicadas. Iwatobi has its fair share of small forests and trees, as well as wildlife, but it is never like this. It was as if she had been taken away to another place somewhere outside of Iwatobi, hopefully not too far.

She took a step forward and winced when she clearly felt a twig snap under her feet. She realized she was barefoot, and wearing only a simple t-shirt and jeans, the jacket she bought what felt like years ago on that day with Ashiro was gone. How long had she been kept in there?

(Name) shook her head to clear her thoughts and steadied her breathing. She would need to get out of there, fast. But which way should she go? She had no clue on the whereabouts of Ashiro and his friend, as well as herself. In the end, she decided to just stick to the trail through the forest. She snuck on the space beside the trail, so she was at least hidden partially by the foliage, and not completely in the open on the trail itself.

Minutes passed by as she continued walking on, making her way as quietly and as quickly as she could. She stuck faithfully near the trail, not wanting to get lost in the woods alone, or even worse, get found by either Ashiro or his friend. (Name) inhaled sharply through her nose when she heard rustling not too far away from where she was. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, she froze immediately.

She had to do something. Running away faster will only give away her position, and not to mention the fact that she could very easily be outrun. The only option she had left is to hide. She crouched down and slowly crept forward on her hands and knees, spotting a hole between tree roots, hidden among bushes, just a few meters ahead.

Feeling the flame of hope reignite in her heart, she crawled forward as quietly and slipped into the hole. She was never a big fan of insects, but if it meant getting away, she would be happy to befriend the creepy crawlies.

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