36 - The Sale Ends Today so Better Get That Yukata Fast

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For once, (Name) was glad she told someone about her feelings towards a certain swimmer, because at that moment, she really needed someone to talk to, and ask for advice.

Which brings her to this position, where she stood silently outside Gou's classroom, clutching her lunchbox. She haven't told Gou about how Sousuke had asked her to come with him to the festival, and the talk she had with her cousin afterwards.

Her mind was whisked away back to last night at the kitchen.

"You never told me you have a boyfriend," her cousin leaned on the door to the kitchen, watching her moves as she opened the fridge and looked around. His statement, however, made her perk up and squint at him.

"He's just a friend, (Cousin's Name)," she sighed and went back to searching the fridge.

"Oh but you like him," he said, smirking. He could very easily read his cousin like an open book.

The blush that spread across her cheeks was confirmation enough for him.

(Name) bent down and took out the carton of milk, avoiding eye contact with her cousin. Sure, she can no longer deny her feelings, but having someone point it out to her after that someone interrupted an intimate moment was grating on her nerves.

She was pouring the milk into a cup when she replied, "Well yeah.. I kinda do. Anyway what are you doing here?"

(Cousin's Name) winced at her tone, "Ah that.. I figured I could just pop in here as always, sorry for the interruption earlier. I really didn't mean to."

(Name) placed the milk carton back into the fridge as she nodded, eyeing her cousin. They were close and she was used to him popping up without earlier notice, but still, to have him of all people witness an intimate moment of her?

Having her cousin stand in the same room as her made her remember something else. "Is auntie with you?" she asked him. Its been a while since she saw her dear aunt.

"No, its just me. I hope you don't mind."

(Name) shook her head.

"Anyway stop diverting my attention, tell me more about this guy."

(Name) pondered for a while as she placed her cup on the sink, "He's a swimmer."

(Cousin's Name) whistled, "that explains his build. He's very tall and muscular. If I were you I would have been dating him already."

This made (Name) snort, her annoyance at her cousin slowly dissipating. "May I boldly assume you're gay now?" she smirked at him.

He snickered and pulled out a chair, sitting down on it, leaving her question hanging in the air.

"Its okay. I'm cool if you are."

"You want a clear answer?" he raised an eyebrow and tilted his head, "then no. I like this girl from work actually."


(Name) pulled out the chair across from her cousin and sat down. Her hands obsessively scrubbed at a stubborn stain that seemed to leave a permanent mark on the dining table. It was silent for a while, but in the end, she couldn't stand the silence, and decided to be the one asking questions. "What if.. What if we start dating?"

Her voice was barely above a whisper, as if she was directing that question at herself instead of her cousin.

"Personally, I think it would be a bad idea." His reply made her jerk her head upwards at him, eyebrows raised in surprise.

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