32 - Now Comes the Part Where We Ponder of the Future

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To everyone's disdain, Samezuka festival finaly ended and Monday came followed by school. The students are collectively forced to face the fact that they do not have much time left as high schoolers, and that it was time for them to start thinking of the future.

(Name) could already notice the mood in her class drop as soon as Ama-sensei mentioned that everyone should fill out a future plans form. Her teacher told the class that they were to turn in the form in a week, so they have time to think carefully.

Once the piece of paper landed on her table, (Name) immediately knew what to fill in. She planned to pursue her career in the music and entertainment industry. She loved performing, singing and making music videos, so without hesitation, she wrote that down on the first option. She did not, however, specify her identity as a rising singer. Teachers do not need to know.

Looking at the line below that, she noticed that she had to fill in a second option as well. This made (Name) pause for a while and think. She would most likely go to university, taking the music major of course. But it was the second option, and when she was that sure of her first option, she felt like she could fill anything for the second one because it would not matter either way.

In the end, she filled her second option with "Go to university."

(Name) folded her piece of paper and placed it between the pages of her book, her song book. She hid it inside her bag and glanced around.

She can see a couple her fellow classmates filling in the form, but the majority of the students are sitting quietly, staring blankly at the sheet of paper. (Name) glanced towards Makoto, and Haru who was sitting beside him.

The gentle green-eyed giant seemed lost in thought, his expression crestfallen and confused. It was as if he was afraid of filling it in, but also confused at the same time. Haru, however, seemed too non-chalant for her liking.

She noticed Haru glance at his paper now and again, but most of the time, his gaze was directed outside the window. (Name) did not have to look to know that Haru was staring at the pool, longing for classes to end so he could be in the water again.

Not long after, Ama-sensei dismissed their homeroom period and the whole class stowed their papers away.

Makoto could barely concentrate during class. His thoughts kept wandering back to the single piece of paper tucked away between the pages of his literature textbook.

One week, he thought, thats barely enough time to think...

His green eyes travelled occasionally to his friend beside him. Makoto observed his friend, who wore an emotionless mask on his face as he faced forwards and outside the window from time to time. He wondered what Haru filled in his paper, if he already filled it at all, that is.

Next, his eyes found itself settling on the smaller figure of his female friend. He could not see her face all that clearly, but he wondered what expression she was making. Does she have any trouble filling in the form? Does she know what she's going to do after highschool? Or was she as confused as he was?

Sighing, Makoto turned back towards the teacher, trying his best to pay attention for the rest of the class, while his heart longed for the lunch break that was sure to come.

Hour after hour he sat there, trying to listen and concentrate when finally, the bell for lunch rang. He sighed in relief and stood up, gathering his things. Makoto turned to Haru, trying to read him. Haru was still expressionless, grabbing his lunchbox from his bag and turning to Makoto.

(Name) also got up and turned to the two, "roof?" she asked.

"Yep." Makoto gave him that signature Makoto smile.

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