16 - This Question Will Definitely Take a While to Answer

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Practice was done all too soon for (Name) when she heard Rin calling everyone from Samezuka for a gathering, Sousuke included. He was not as good as Makoto, no one can top Makoto's coaching skills, but Sousuke was close enough to it. At least for (Name).

After Rin's briefing to the Samezuka group, and Gou's small pep talk for the Iwatobi team, they all dispersed, some went back to the pool to relax and swim a bit more, while others went to change.

Since she had studying plans after this practice, (Name) dried herself and went to the usual secluded changing room to switch from her swim suit back to her uniform.

Once she was done, her eyes darted around the space of the pool and landed on Sousuke, who was talking with Rin. The latter was smirking, before he walked away with Momo and Nitori. Sousuke then caught sight of her and smiled.

"So.. Math?" he asked.

"Yes! I definitely need your guidance, Sousuke-sensei." (Name) giggled. The name sounded so weird in her ears.

"Ah- (Name)!" She looked up and saw Makoto walking over to her. He was still in his swimsuit, and was dripping wet.

"Haru is.. Still in the pool. He refused to get out," Makoto sighed, pushing his bangs out of his eyes.

"Oh.. So you want us to go on ahead first then?" (Name) asked, looking up at Makoto. Standing beside Sousuke the two are so tall they look like twin towers, and she was just the small house across the street.

"Yeah. You wanted to study with Sousuke after this right? Better get going before it gets too late."

"Alrightey then," (Name) then leaned to her side, giving herself a clear view of Haru in the pool. "Haru, I'll be going ahead okay?" she yelled.

Haru only looked up at her and gave a thumbs up before he continued splashing.

(Name) looked back at the teal eyed man, "shall we?"


"Is there anything you want for dinner?" (Name) asked as she unlocked the door to her house. She was pretty confident in her cooking skills, and she still have a lot of ingredients at home so she didn't need to stop by at the supermarket.

Sousuke pondered for a while, "Anything sounds delicious when I'm this hungry." He chuckled, "practice really drains energy."

(Name) agreed. She set down her stuff at the couch and went to the kitchen. Opening her fridge, she was greeted by the sight of multiple fresh ingredients, patiently sitting in neat rows in her fridge.

"How about some mac and cheese? The ultimate comfort food?"

"I'd love that." Sousuke answered from behind her.

(Name) got the ingredients out and placed it on the counter. "Alright. You can just make yourself at home, by the way. Sit wherever you like, or anything."

"Do you need help? I can cook too." He asked instead, which surprised her.

"You cook?"

"My cousin runs a restaurant. I may have learned a bit from him," Sousuke shrugged. Eyeing the ingredients, "Alright I'll just go and work on the cheese, and then help with whatever you need me with along the way."

(Name) wanted to tell him to just sit down and rest up, but a side of her wanted to see him cooking. She was also curious on how good he was. "Uh.. Sure." (Name) opened a cupboards and took out a pack of macaroni.

The two of them made a good team in the kitchen. They know what to do and when it came to mixing everything together, Sousuke was the one stirring while she set the plates. She kept glancing at him, his broad shoulders, now jacket-less as he stirred the mac and cheese, almost done now. (Name) got the urge to run her hands across his back but refrained from doing so. It would cause a lot of weirdness, and a very terrible misunderstanding.

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