31 - An Encounter Purely by Chance

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"Amazing job people!" (Cousin's Name) clapped as they entered back to the prep room. (Main Vocalist Name) was still shaky, either from being too excited or from exhaustion, she didn't know.

Hideki gave a whoop of joy and flung his arm around Clyde, who had one of those rare smiles on his face. "It was awesome!" the former laughed, "I wish we can do this more often. I mean look at the crowd!"

(Main Vocalist Name) grinned at her friends antics, happy that everyone enjoyed this as much as she did. "Oh speaking of crowds-"

"How do you get that many people to watch anyway, manager-chan? And.. The extra crew that helped backstage?" Aika asked, placing her guitar carefully back into its case.

"Ahh don't fret too much over the minor details," (Cousin's Name) waved his hand dismissively, "I'm just one hell of a manager!"

There you go. His catchphrase that he seemed to adopt from a certain anime.

Aika huffed and rolled her eyes. It was the anime she suggested, how dare he take the lines of her favorite character.

"We should pack up quickly," Clyde spoke up, "Our train leaves for Tokyo early in the morning, so its best that we go back to the hotel and sleep soon."

"You're not staying longer?" (Main Vocalist Name) turned to her friends. They never mentioned this to her..

"We have a lot of stuff to do back in Tokyo," Aika scratched the back of her head sheepishly, "I mean we should start focusing on university entrance exams.."

(Main Vocalist Name) froze. University? She haven't really given that much thought about the future. She thought she could keep singing with her friends.


"Oh don't worry," Aika placed a hand on her shoulder, "I know what you're thinking. I plan to go down a music path, so I can keep singing wit you. Clyde too, and Hideki."

"Actually," Hideki pouted, "Clyde here is planning to take a business major-"

"Oi Hideki!" The latter slapped Hideki on the back of his head, "I told you to keep quiet about it!"

"Ahh sorry," Hideki mumbled, "I-"

"Clyde?" Aika raised her brows, as if asking why silently.

Clyde hesitated but then sighed, giving Hideki one last glare before answering, "My father wanted me to inherit his company, and he wanted me to have at least one degree. B-but I would still perform with you guys. I can.. I can use my spare time to practice and perform with you guys..."

The room was silent for a while after that. Everyone was thinking the same thing. Would it be possible? Wouldn't that make him overwork himself?

"E-even after work," Clyde added quickly, "I c-can let my managers help me make time for some concerts outside the country, if.. When we get to that. They are also capable of managing the company while I'm gone-"

He was cut off when Hideki pounced on him with a hug, "t-that's a relief," he sniffled, "I thought we won't see you again after university!"

"Don't be stupid," Clyde rolled his eyes, "I love performing, and... You guys too..."

Aika laughed, her eyes shimmered with the light sheen of tears, which she quickly blinked back. (Name) smiled warmly, but she felt an uneasy knot at the pit of her stomach. It was slightly reduced when Clyde told them he would still be able to perform but...

Looking at Clyde, (Name) knew deep inside Clyde was still worried and doubtful of the future. What he said earlier seemed as if he was reassuring himself more than them, as if it was what he planned over and over in his head to take the burden off the fact that he was, in a way, forced to take after his father's business. She sighed, it was so unfair.

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