45 - You are Crazy but No One Expected that You are THIS Crazy

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(Name) felt her head throbbing as she struggled to wake up. A foggy haze was over her memories as she blinked slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness.

Where am I?

She laid there for a while longer before she decided to try and sit up, groggily looking around the darkness. She fell back down after losing her balance. Her hands, why can't she use her hands? Something seemed to be restraining them, which was behind her back. She struggled for a bit but found that she could not get herself free.

What was that? Am I tied?

Her breathing hitched and she could feel herself starting to panic, her gasps for air hindered by the gag which muffles her mouth. Her fingers felt around whatever it was that restrained her hands. It was sticky, tape?. 

What happened?

(Name)'s mind raced as she desperately tried to remember the last events that happened. She was out with someone... Dinner. Ramen. Drink. Ashiro. Ashiro.

She gasped out loud. This is very bad. Where is she? And why is she tied up? How did she even get here? She remembered going home. She took the usual train home but... But what happened? She recalled sitting down and looking out the window. And feeling sleepy, very sleepy.

Closing her eyes, (Name) tried to remember again. Did she fall asleep? She never really fall asleep on trains as the constant stopping and accelerating would wake her, so this is definitely weird.

She struggled a bit more, but her fingers couldn't find the end of whatever is binding her. She stopped and felt panic rise inside her. Did Ashiro take her here? Where exactly is here?

Again she took a deep breath. Stop. Don't make a sound. Its better to look around and assess her situation first before Ashiro comes back. She shivered despite the room being relatively warm. Who knows what he will do to her? 

She noticed she seemed to be on a mattress on the ground, inside a small, windowless room. It was pretty much bare, aside from some boxes and a small coffee table. It looks rather old and dirty, like a house abandoned by its owners for months.

Even so, she still couldn't understand how she got here.

She struggled to get up off the mattress, only to find that her legs were also tied, which tips her off balance sends her towards the ground, her shoulder knocking on to the coffee table with a huge thump.

(Name) froze. It was rather loud but did anyone hear that? Is anyone around to hear that?

Her silent question was soon answered by the sound of footsteps coming towards the room where she was. Maybe whoever it is- please not Ashiro- would only take a peek and leave? She knew Ashiro and his true nature. She is definitely not looking forward to meeting him, especially in her current situation where she was restrained and could barely move. 

No point in trying to stay quiet now that she was discovered. She started to struggle harder against her bonds, twisting around and trying to use the leg off the table, hoping it would loosen her binds. The footsteps stopped right outside her door and in her desperation, she could feel her eyes tearing up, involuntarily giving away to the fear she was feeling. Her figure shook as soon as she heard the door open.

"Oh you're awake."

She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling tears finally roll down her cheeks.

It's him.

Ashiro walked slowly towards her and squatted down beside her, reaching a hand out to wipe away her tears. She flinched, glaring at him in hopes of hiding her fear. His expression was not the usual taunting kind, but it was rather gentle. But she knew something else is coming, and that seemingly gentle expression is just a mask.

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