35 - I Wonder What Could Have Happened If He Didn't Open the Door

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After that deep, heartfelt talk, the two continued their study session for a bit longer, only deciding to go home once their plate of finger snacks are finished and the sun had long since gone down.

Worried for her safety, Sousuke insisted on walking her home. Besides, there are a lot of things he wanted to talk to her about other than math and his problematic shoulder. He felt like he had talked too much of himself today, and he wanted to hear more from her, especially the things going on with her stalker. She didn't say anything, so is everything alright again? Or is she just holding it back for his sake?

Sousuke looked at her from the corner of his eye. From his height, he couldn't see her face clearly as they walked side by side. He foudn their height difference cute but at times like these, he wish he could just see her face, know what expression she's making, because usually its a dead give away to what she is thinking.

After a while, he decided to ask her.

"(Name)," he cleared his throat, "how have you been?"

His question was met by a pair of confused (eye colour) orbs. "Um.. We have been together since a few hours ago, but I'm fine thanks for asking."

He couldn't help but let a smile slip to his lips, "Sorry, I just wanted to make sure everything is alright on your side. I've been talking too much about me today, and not enough about you."

"O-oh.." (Name) smiled at his thoughtfulness, but it soon faded when he realized she had to tell him of the email.

"Actually," she started, "I.. Got another email earlier today. In class."

Sousuke felt himself grow concerned, his fists clench and unclench at this side, "what does it say?"

"I haven't opened it. I was too creeped out and it was in class. Do you want to see?"

He nodded in response, and (Name) took her phone out. She opened the mail and showed it to Sousuke, who bent down slightly to read it together.

I love you past the moon
and miss you
beyond the stars

She heard Sousuke curse under his breath as soon as he finished reading.

(Name) dared a glance at Sousuke, he had composed himself again, and his expression went back to being unreadable. Sousuke had a lot of things running in his mind, but a big portion of it was on how to keep her safe.

"I'm definitely walking you home today. He may be back to mails again but that does not make me any less worried."

His sentence made her heart flutter, but she did not let herself rejoice for too long. He probably sees me as a friend, that's all. Besides, she didn't think it will work out, not with her secrets, and not with the possible outcome of him leaving because he felt betrayed after she tell him. But she promised she would, because he deserves to know that much.

She nodded in response and they continues walking, but this time, Sousuke was a lot closer to her than before, and a lot more tense too.

(Name) was about to ask him something when he voiced his question first, "Did you come to the cafe alone earlier today?"

"Um... About that.." she fidgeted nervously, "Makoto and Haru seemed troubled today, and their mood was not all that good and I can see tension between the two. I let them have some time to sort things out between them."

"Hm? Thats new," Sousuke frowned. He could see the train station ahead. It was rather quiet since there are less commuters at that time. "Is something wrong with them?"

(Name) could hear in Sousuke's tone that he genuinely cared this time, Perhaps that watergun game Gou told her about mended the strain in his relationship with Haru? "Well, today we were distributed some future career form. We had a week to fill it.."

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