43 - It was a Rainy Day

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A few days ago:

After that little sleep over with Haru, Rin had sent him home early in the morning, and started to put his plan to action. He quickly bought tickets and contacted two specific people for help in the near future, before he started throwing his stuff, necessary ones, into his suitcase.

He quickly said a brief goodbye to his mother and Gou, who were in the plan, and quickly went to over to Haru's place. That blue eyed swimmer is definitely still asleep. All the better.

Once Rin got to his house, he stood in front of Haru's door, pressing on the bell rapidly, knowing it will wake his friend.

He was right, because seconds later Haru appeared at the doorway, looking pissed off but mainly. Confused. Why is Rin here?

"Yo Haru," Rin winked, "you better pack your bags now!"

Haru blinked slowly at him. His brain still felt muddled by sleep that he did not understand anything Rin said.

After a while of silence, Haru asked, "Uh... Why?"

Rin rolled his eyes as if it was the most obvious news, "Because we're going on a trip."

Haru blinked again, even more befuddled, but slightly more alert, "Go where?"

This made Rin chuckle, "Australia, of course."


Present day:

A couple of days has passed since the festival dramas and now, after hours of talking and practicing with Gou, she decided she was ready.

Or at least, that was a few minutes ago. Now she was nothing but a nervous wreck. Too many things and possible outcomes flashed in her mind one by one like a slideshow all too quickly, leaving her overthinking in the dust as she walked towards the cafe where she and Sousuke often visit.

She had texted him, saying they need to talk, and she told him to meet her there. He onky replied with a simple "Alright." and nothing else. Was he mad at her? She thought. Even if he is, I certainly deserve it.

Glancing up at the sky, she noticed how the grey clouds were looming. Casting a shadow over the city. She had her umbrella ready, in case it did start to rain.

She felt like she wanted to just turn back and hole up under a huge pile of blankets as she waited for the century to pass.

The chime of the bell jerked her back out of her reverie as she opened the cafe's front door. Her eyes immediately scanned the people who were scattered around the cafe, looking for a certain head of black hair that towers over most people even when seated.

When her eyes landed on him, she tensed, gulping as she slowly went over to where he was seated, the calls of "welcome!" from the waiters fell on deaf ears.

This is the first time since a few days ago that she would see Sousuke, and feeling nervous is definitely an understatement. He hasn't seen her yet but here she was, ready to bolt.

Time seemed to go in slow motion as he turned to her, his eyes meeting hers for the first time in days

"Hey." He cleared his throat.

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