34 - The Unexpected Reasons for Coming Back

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"Hello?" she said into her phone timidly. She missed hearing his voice, even when it only had been a day or two. But even then, she couldn't shake off the feeling that something is wrong.

"Hello." (Name) felt her cheeks warm up upon heaeing the deep bass of his voice. She could listen to it all day and never get tired of it.

"Sousuke," she breathed out, "are you okay? You usually just text me."

She heard him chuckle on the other end of the line, "you're saying that like I'm not allowed to call you at all."

"What? N-no I never meant it like that!"

Her flustered response elicited another chuckle from him. She never fails to amuse him, and he wondered what expression she was making that moment. "I know. I'm just messing with you."

"Very funny... Anyway, what do you need, Sousuke?"

For a few seconds, the line was silent, as if Sousuke was deliberating whether or not he should tell her. "Uh.. Well its pretty much something important, so talking it over the phone wouldn't feel... Right."

"Oh.. Sure," (Name) cleared her throat awkwardly, "actually, I was also about to call you. I had a math test coming up, and maybe we can meet up? You can tell me then."

"Sounds good. Your place?"

"Hmm..." (Name) thought for a while, "How about that cafe?  A change of pace would be nice."

"Sure, that way I wouldn't fall asleep again. It was troublesome back then, sorry."

"No no, its okay, you were tired after practice, its not your fault."

"You ended up sleeping on the couch, (Name)." Sousuke still felt guilty about that time.

"And you carried me all the way to bed so we're even. Plus, your tutoring really helped me, that's a lot more than enough for me."

"If you say so.."

(Name) picked herself off the floor and carried her belongings to her room, she still had homework to do.

"Have you eaten dinner?" she heard Sousuke ask.

"I'm about to eat," (Name) smiled warmly to herself, knowing he would not be able to see it, "you?"

"I'm just waiting for Rin, Nitori, and Momo. They take so long in the changing room-"

"Sousuke!" (Name) heard Rin's voice from his end of the line. She closed her eyes and saw in her mind's eye the figure of Rin calling out to Sousuke.

She heard Sousuke grumble and giggled, "well that's your cue, Sousuke, see you tomorrow?"

"After club?" (Name) heard him ask, his voice soft and husky at the same time. She could picture his eyes looking at her with that familiar shine in them. It made her miss him more.

"After club." She affirmed, knowing school would feel very slow tomorrow while she waited for the school and club hours to end.


As she had thought, classes felt like forever the next day. She usually enjoyed chemistry class, especially when they have to work on experiments. This time, however, it felt as if each second dragged on like watching a youtube video with bad internet connection.

Once school day was done, she hurried to the club and swam back and forth impatiently, as if she was pacing on land. Just a bit more and I'm done. I'll get to see Sou again.

(Name) was the first person out of the pool when coach Goro dismissed them. She quickly changed and, without waiting for her usual escort, walked briskly towards the cafe she and Sousuke promised to meet. It was closer from her school than it was from her house, so she had no trouble going there alone without Makoto and Haru.

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