06 - Just How Famous is This Band Really?

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When (Name) was done, everyone else was talking by the pool while they gathered their stuff. How do guys change so quickly..

As she walked towards them, her eyes met Sousuke's teal ones. He was standing a little further from the group, but right beside Rin. He smiled when their eyes met and his usual frown disappeared.

"I didn't expect you're that good, Sousuke," (Name) came to a stop in front of him. She just realized how tall he was, like Makoto, but maybe slightly taller.

"I didn't win though.." he rubbed the back of his neck while glancing over at Rei

"You caught up to Rei, and I think thats really good already. I can't even swim that well yet."

At that moment, Rin turned and saw (Name). He was pretty surprised at the fact that Sousuke was talking to her like they were already friends. "You two know each other?"

Both (Name) and Sousuke turned to Rin. "We've met each other before," (Name) tilted her head), "It was when he went jogging a couple of days ago, we talked a bit on the park."

"Hm.. Sousuke did not scare you?" Rin smirked, "I mean he's big and tall, and he looms over everyone with his scary frown."

"Rin, I did not frown, I smiled because I am well aware of how intimidating I am without even trying."

"Alright alright-"

"(Name) there you are," Makoto smiled, "we were planning to go get dinner, want to join us?"

"I'd love that!" (Name) smiled and gathered her things before following the bunch outside. This time, they were joined by Rin and Sousuke, who for some reason seemed reluctant to go.

The whole group walked to a cafe close to Samezuka, where they plan to have dinner. (Name) walked ahead with Gou, listening to and laughing occasionally when she went famgirl mode on muscles. She did not notice that Sousuke and Haru put as much distance as possible between them. Rin noticed, however, since he caught Haru looking over his shoulder to them from time to time.

"Sousuke, is something up with you and Haru?" Rin asked.

The question caught Sousuke by surprise, but he just shrugged, "its nothing, Rin."

"You seem to be bothered by something. You're awfully quiet."

"But I am normally quiet."

Rin tought for a while, "Nah, you're not, not with me anyway."

Sousuke sighed, "I'll just tell you sometime. Not now."

"Okay.. If you say so."

By now the group arrived in front of the cafe. They went inside and merged some tables together to make it enough for 8 people. They each ordered their meals, (Name) ordered (food), ans she waited for everyone else to finish ordering while resuming her conversation with Gou, now about actors that she loves.

(Name) also noticed that the cafe was rather empty, and Nagisa thought it was a good enough reason to talk loudly.

"Hey guys, guys!" Nagisa chimed, right after the waiter left with their orders. "Anyone here know Azure Beats?"

(Name) perked up.

"Isn't that a new band from Tokyo currently gaining fame rapidly?" Rei asked, fixing his glasses.

"Yes! I absolutely love their newest music video. And I heard the band members are only high schoolers, like us!"

"Whew people sure are going places these days," Makoto grinned, "I'll give it a try once I get back home."

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