15 - Is This Really the Wall?

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Sousuke walked with Rin, Nitori and Momo towards the swimming pool. It had been a couple of days since his call with (Name), and now the joint practice day had come. It would be in Samezuka this time, and the Iwatobi team will be there pretty soon.

(Name) would be there, he thought, I should return the towel to her. I keep forgetting about it since that time in the rain.

"I can't wait to see Gou again!" Momo was excitedly rambling on to Nitori, "And (Name) too of course. They are both so cute!"

"Hey! Gou is off limits, she is my sister!"

"But Rin-senpaiii-"

"You will need my permission to date her and I say no."

Momo pouted while Nitori laughed at his antics. "Cheer up Momo," he said, smiling, "I think (Name) is still available."

"Oh that's right!" Momo's pout was replaced an expression of determination (A/N - you are filled with determination), "I hope she likes stag beetles!"

At that moment, Momo suddenly felt a chill go down his spine. He looked to the left and his eyes met Sousuke's. He was frowning down at him from his towering height, a cold fire burning in his eyes. Momo shivered and looked forward again, "U-uhhh, maybe I'm just kidding ahahahahaha....."

Sousuke huffed and looked away from him. He did not know what made him feel so ticked off when Momo said those words. It was a foreign feeling for the butterfly stroke swimmer. Rolling his shoulder, he continued walking with the others, now arriving at the pool.

Some of the Samezuka swim club members were already there, doing some stretches or laps in the pool. Just then, the door opened and in walked Iwatobi's swim team. Sousuke's eyes searched around for the familiar mop of (hair colour) hair, only to find it partially hidden behind Makoto, right beside the Gou.

"Oh, you're here already," Rin walked over to Gou.

"Good to see you too, brother!" She grinned.

"Hey Gou and (Name)!" Momo waved excitedly at them, "I have to tell you abut this huuuge stag beetle I found a few days ago, it was-"

"Yes, yes Momo," Rin chuckled, "Anyway, how about both teams do a relay later today?"

"That's a great idea!" Gou beamed up at her brother, "My team have been practicing to reduce their exchange times, I'd like to see how far we've come."

Sousuke went to stand beside (Name) avoiding the deep blue gaze of Haru.

"So today after practice?" He asked.

"Yep! You can walk with us later, since we will be going to the same direction."

Haru huffed, starting to strip as he walked away frlm the group and towards the large body if water, also known as the pool. He already had his swimming trunks under his uniform, so all he had to do is remove his school uniform and jump in. Makoto only sighed watching his friend, knowing of his passion for water.

"Okat lets all just start," Gou giggled, making Momo nervous. She's so cute!

Everyone soon changed went to their lanes for warm up laps, before finally lining up behind two diving boards of neighboring lanes. The relay practice was about to start. (Name), already in her swimsuit went to sit beside Gou. She wanted to watch the boys race, and see how well everyone swam, just for her motivation. Perhaps also to cheer on a certain someone.

Her train of thought was interrupted when someone blew the whistle and Makoto dived in, Momo beside him. She cheered on him, of course. He was her personal swimming coach and watching him swim showed her just how good he was on this field.

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