19 - A Sister in Times of Girl Talk Needs

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(Name) was more than aware of the fact that competition day is looming closer than ever, in fact, it was just one day away. Due to this reason, (Name) had chose to sit out the next few practice sessions. She wanted them to focus on training for the competition ahead, especially Makoto, who had took a lot of time coaching her.

She was trying to be supportive, helping Gou time the guys, and buying them drinks from the vending machine.

Shouts of encouragement could be heard from around the swimming pool as Gou timed the boys, and encouraged them to go faster, pushing past their limits (A/N PLUS ULTRA!!).

When their individual practice is over, Gou went to sit down beside (Name), watching the boys practice their relay exchanges, to shortened the time during the exchange. Gou's eyes shone brightly with pride as she watched them practice. Just like a mother looking at her kids.

(Name)'s phone rang beside her, but the ringtone that came with it did not cause anxiety to rise within her. I was a special ringtone she set for Sousuke, so she immediately knew it was him.

She picked up her phone and  looked at the message.

No creepy mails today?

(Name) smiled. It was a simple message, but it says a lot more than the four words. It showed that he cared for her, and that she was in his mind.

Nothing today (not yet but hopefully none).

She sent it back to him. (Name) did not expect a reply since she guessed it was also practice time in Samezuka, so she placed her phone back down beside her.

Without (Name) realizing, Gou was actually watching her silently, and she noticed the smile on (Name)'s face. A soft gentle smile, with a sparkle in her eyes. An expression she knew all too well.

"Ooohhh (Name) who are you texting?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Uh.. A friend." (Name) couldn't meet Gou's searching gaze.

"Hm really?"

"Well.. Yeah? He is just a friend."

"Ah.. A he isn't it? I highly doubt that friend part you said, especially with that look on your face," Gou giggled.

(Name) brought her hand up to her face. Was she blushing? Her cheeks didn't feel hot or anything.

"You're not blushing," Gou laughed, as if reading her mind, "you just have the look."

"W-what look?" (Name) couldn't help but stutter, which made Gou's smile even wider.

"A definite 'I'm in love' look, of course."

(Name) turned away from Gou with a grunt, making her giggle again. Truth be told, (Name) was just remembered that she wanted to ask Gou something, and she  figured it was a good time to ask her. It was something she mulled over in her head for quite a while.

She fiddled with her hair thoughtfully. She wanted to ask Gou this one question that had been nagging in her mind, its just that she didn't know how to put it to words.

After a few seconds, she ended up blurting out, "Um.. Rin Matsuoka. He is your brother right?"

Gou looked at her with a smirk on her face, "Yes, he is. Why do you ask? Do you like him? Is he the one you've been texting?"

"No! No way," (Name) quickly replied with a shake of her head, "he is not my type."

"Oh.. Okay.. But why do you ask?"

(Name)'s fingers went to the hem of her skirt, starting to fiddle with it now. "Uh.. Since your brother is on the rival team of Iwatobi, don't you like... Feel guilty about suporting him? I mesn during competitions and such. We have our Iwatobi team to root for, but doesn't it feel like you are cheating on them if you root for someone in the rival team?"

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