47 - A Game of Time

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"Took you guys long enough," Keitsu was standing in front of Samezuka's gates.

"Keitsu," Sousuke nodded in greeting, followed by the rest.

"Sousuke, Gou" Keitsu reciprocated the nod and smiled, "and everyone."

"Hey there," Nagisa mustered up a smile.

Sousuke walked closer to the gates and peered over the fence. He knew security in Samezuka will be tight, especially when its dark, so how is he supposed to sneak Keitsu in-

"The building is heavily guarded," Keitsu said, "lets all go to my place. I heard of the situation from Rin and perhaps I can be of assistance."


(Name) was sitting down on the mattress, trying to think of a way to contact anyonr outside.

Ashiro had mentioned that no matter how much she screams, no one will be able to hear her. This means she is in a location most likely far from where people are, maybe the outskirts of Iwatobi.

She would have to get out of this place first, which is definitely a challenge since her hands and feet were bound tightly. On top of that, Ashiro and another guy, a friend of his perhaps, is guarding her. They take turns with the guarding shift, and sometimes they were together watching TV or something in the room beside her.

Getting out would be pretty much impossible at this point.

But even if she did get out, is there a payphone? Can she dial an emergency number without money? In Tokyo, said feature is available, but here?

She gave her bounded hands a tug, feeling the tapes still secure, if not more sticky than before.

(Name) wanted to look through each boxes which were present in the room, but she could not even walk towards them as her feet were also bound. She did not want to look pathetically like a worm on the occasion where Ashiro comes in and sees her wiggling on the floor towards the boxes. He would either laugh at her or beat her. She shivered at the thought of the latter. That would be the last thing she wants.

Sitting alone in the dark, her senses had adjusted well enough that if she stay quiet and still, she could hear the noises from outside the room she was locked in. There were voices talking. One is Ashiro, the other is... someone else? Was it the friend he mentioned about?

She strained her ears, trying to listen in to what they were talking about. Maybe she could find out more about her whereabouts, and perhaps about their plans, or even a clue or two about escaping.


"Damnit!" Keitsu groaned and leaned back on his chair.

The tracking had failed.

Sousuke stopped his restless pacing and glanced over at Keitsu, rolling his shoulder, "What's wrong? Failed again?"

"Yes," Keitsu ran a hand through his hair in frustration, "This withdrawn number makes it hard. I can usually track normal numbers, even if they're disposable phones or whatever. I was able to crack through some withdrawn numbers in the past but this is really hard. We're up against an expert in this field."

"Well that confirms it," (Cousin's Name) muttered, "He is definitely working with someone else. Ashiro is not this good."

Gou frowned, "b-but.. do you have any other methods?"

"I have one more. It would work but it takes a lot of time. A lot more than what I've done so far."

"But we don't have time!" Sousuke exclaimed, raising his voice for the first time, the panic breaking through his calm facade, "We don't know what he's doing to her, or if she's still here-"

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