03 - Perhaps This is a Coincidence, But...

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"Hey! Mako-chan! Haru-chan!" The voice of Nagisa could already be heard even before the two set foot on the roof.

"Ey! Nagisa, and everyone." Makoto smiled his usual smile, while Haru remained expressionless as always. He was feeling rather happy inside, it just doesn't show on his features.

(Name) was partially hidden behind the giant figure of Makoto, but then he moved and the rest of the swim club saw her. Nagisa, of course, jumped up excited immediately.

"Mako-chan! Who is this? You never told us you have a girlfriend."

"S-she is not my girlfriend!" Makoto blushed red and awkwardly stepped back, Nagisa took that opportunity to step forward and shake (Name)'s hand.

"I'm Nagisa Hazuki! But you can call me Nagisa.That is Rei Ryugasaki-" he pointed and Rei, who smiled and waved, "and the girl beside him is Gou."

"It's KOU!" Gou huffed at Nagisa

"M-my name is (Full Name). Pleased to meet you."

"She is looking for a swim club to join," Makoto grinned at Gou, who looked really ecstatic that she would finally have a female friend in the club.

"Well (Name), tell us more about yourself!" Gou exclaimed, and (Name) did just that. Everyone else listened and occasionally asked questions.

For the second time that day, (Name) felt glad that everyone is very friendly and welcomed her with open arms, which makes it easy for her to open up and interact with them. By the time lunch was over, (Name) got up to leave with Makoto and Haru when Gou called out.

"(Name), why dont you join our swim club today?"

(Name) hesitated, "I don't bring my swimsuit today.."

"Don't worry about swimsuits, I think we have some school swimsuits around in the club room."

"Oh! Okay then!" (Name) then briskly walked to catch up with the two guys, heading back to class.

Classes finally came and went, and then it was time for clubs. (Name) followed Makoto and Haru to the swim club's changing rooms, where she met Gou, sorting through the stuff in there.

When they enter, Gou proudly held up a female swimsuit- the typical blue one that most Japanese schools have- and swimming goggles. Looks horrid, but it was better than nothing.

"Thank you, Gou," (Name) said, inspecting the swimsuit. It looks fairly new, and ut seemed to be the right size for her. She went to change, and was followed closely by Gou.

As expected, the boys finished changing first, and Haru was already in the pool. He could not wait any longer, he just wanted- no, needed- to feel water on his skin. Blissful, cool water. The others are warming up and talking to each other.

Upon exiting, (Name) heard a strange squeaking noise coming from her left, she turned and saw Gou, who looked as if she was on cloud nine. Muscles! Muscles everywhere! (Name) however, did not know of her strange interest yet, so she looked at her questioningly and followed her gaze, onlt to blush when she saw what Gou was looking at.

"Ah! (Name) there you are!" Nagisa waved at them.

(Name) gave a small smile and covered herself, feeling rather self conscious now that three more pairs of eyes were also trained on her. They did not seem to notice her discomfort, but Makoto did.

"What is your best stroke, (Name)?" He asked, smiling gently as always.

"I'm.. Not sure..." (Name) tilted her head, pondering. "I only learned the basics of swimming, and then again, I don't swim much."

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