33 - You Can't Run (or Swim) Away from the Future that Looms Ahead

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(Name), Haru, and Makoto returned to class as soon as break time was over. It was the subject (Name) dreaded, Math. She had a bad feeling that a test is coming up soon because the new chapter they were learning was close to its end.

She sighed, squinting at her notes. (Name) really did not understand this part, despite getting a pretty good score on the last test. Turning her head, she looked at Makoto and Haru. The former seemed just as confused as she is while the latter was... Well... He was staring at the pool, but he occasionally wrote some notes down. Maybe she should ask Haru after this.

"These kinds of questions here," the voice of her teacher snapped her attention back to the board, "will be in the test next week. Make sure you study for this."

She could hear herself internally groaning at that.

After the teacher exit the class, (Name) went over to Haru's desk. "Haru, do you understand that- wait... You're not taking notes?"

The only thing on the opened page of his notebook was a very good sketch of the Iwatobi mascot, a penguin. Aside from that, Haru only wrote down the first few lines on fhe board.

"Ahh.. Haru," Makoto looked at his friend with concern, "are you okay? You usually draw that much only when you have a lot in your mind.

For a fraction of a second, Haru's eyes widened, taken off guard by Makoto's precise guess but his expression soon returned to its normal steely façade.

"I'm fine. I just want to swim."

"One more subject, Haru," (Name) giggled at the hydrophillic boy, "one more and then its club time!"

He rolled his eyes coldly and went back to adding little touches on his drawing.

Everyone soon went back to their individual seats once the teacher for their last class of the day came in. Just one more subject and then its club time, Haru could hardly wait.

Class was relatively boring and monotone as always, that is, until (Name)'s phone suddenly rang. This made her jump, and everyone else turned to her.

"S-s-sorry!" she bowed her head, "it was an alarm I forgot to turn off!"

But it wasn't an alarm, it was an email, and (Name) forgot to silence her phone. As everyone else's attention returned to the board, (Name) quickly glanced at the sender, it was another unknown sender. It was probably the creep again. This time, however, she did not even bother opening it, knowing already that it would contain something creepy in it. She quietly put her phone on silent and dropped it into her bag. She'll check it out after class, or after she went home. She had to tell Sousuke.


"You're late!" Nagisa said, in the exact same tone of voice Gou would usually use to scold them. This made (Name) and Makoto giggle, while Gou simply whacked Nagisa on the head with her clipboard. Haru, as always, had immediately dove into the pool.

"Sorry we're late," Makoto turned to Gou with a smile, "We were dismissed a but late."

"Haru was probably dying to go back into the water!" Nagisa grinned, his eyes following Haru's figure as he swam.

"You should see his face when the teacher did not dismiss us on time," (Name) laughed, "he looked ready to just strip and jump out the window to the pool."

Soon after that, Ama-sensei came along, followed by coach Goro. He told the bunch that he will be coaching the team even more intensely due to the upcoming competition. No one complained. Everyone wanted to win this and take home not only the prize, but also the precious memories.

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