18 - Talking Might Just Help When Someone Truly Listens

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In stark contrast to (Name)'s relatively good day, Sousuke had a pretty bad one.

It started with sneaking back to his dorms just before sunrise. Rin had woken up as he climbed inside through the unlocked window. This made Rin ask him where he had been all night and he had to conjure up a lame lie, something he was sure Rin would not believe.

School that day was alright enough, but things escalated again when it was time for the swim club. He was swimming butterfly but then his shoulder suddenly acted up and he faltered, almost stopped. It had been a while since he visited Dr. Shibata and he had been practicing constantly for the competition so it was not surprising.

To make matters worse, Rin had noticed his falter and asked him about it. The maroon haired guy then went to talk to him in private just to ask about it. Again he had to conjure up some lie. He really hated lying to his best friend, but he could not tell him the truth either.

This led into an argument with Rin, who again did not believe Sousuke. Which then got him where he was currently, alone at the park, seated on a familiar bench, trying to cool off.

The bench brought him good memories, which really helped him lighten his mood. It was where he and (Name) first talked to each other. The fact they would grow to be this close friends never flashed through his mind. Its always so surprising how one day they are strangers and now they are really close.

Close enough to have a totally unplanned sleep over.

He groaned. That was really rude of him to fall asleep on her bed of all places. She had to sleep in the living room because of that and he felt really bad for it. He probably should get (Name) something to make it up for it. But knowing her, she would most likely refuse.

He rolled his shoulder, wincing when a dull throb resonated from within his shoulder joint.

It was probably strained when he carried (Name). She was light, really light, but perhaps it was on him. He was nervous around her for some reason, maybe he wasn't thinking about it when he carried her, but most likely his posture was a bit off.

Sousuke sighed and stared far off into the distant sky. It was sunset again. The same exact time where he had met (Name) on this bench. Where they talked and he felt that click with her.


What is she doing now?

He recalled in his mind's eye the moment he caught sight of her sleeping on the couch. She had looked so peaceful, the corner of her lips curved slightly upwards as she dreamed something, whatever it is he wouldn't know. He had moved closer to kneel beside her and stared at her for a while, just enjoying the sight, as well as the sound of her slow, deep breathing.

When he realized how creepy he was being, Sousuke had snapped out of it and tried to wake her up. He poked her shoulder, and when she did not wake up, shook her. Finally, he just carried her because she would not wake up.

Right now though, a part Sousuke didn't want to see her. He did not know what he would do, what he would say if he did. Heck he did not know how to face her. Another part of him, however, really longed to be with her at that moment. He wanted to hold her again, her tiny figure in his arms, her warmth seeping through to him-


He jumped in surprise and turned towards the source of the voice. That familiar voice that got him nervous all over again. There stood (Name), school bag clutched in her hands as she walked slowly towards him.

She had flinched when he turned to look at her. Sousuke didn't even realize that he was frowning. He managed a little smile at her, but it felt fake even to himself. "Hey.. I didn't expect to see you here," he scooted over to make room for her at the bench. She hesitated but sat down next to him.

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