24 - The Special Things I Compile

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As they had planned, Gou and (Name) stopped by at a supermarket after the swim club to buy ingredients for (Name)'s cooking lesson with Gou. The two then walked back to Gou's place. Fortunately, Rin isn't home, since he was at the dorms with Sousuke. This would make it easier for the girls, they could cook with no interruptions and no worries that the surprise would be ruined.

When they got to Gou's house, (Name) was greeted by a fat white cat, who meowed and rubbed himself against her leg.

Gou giggled, "That's Steve. He never likes my brother, he is so going to flip if he knows Steve likes you more than him."

"He seems so loveable though," (Name) bent down and scratched Steve behind the ear, hearing it purr.

"To me and you, yes. To my brother, he would either scratch or bite him, or just ignore him entirely."

(Name) stood back up and looked around, "Is no one home?"

"My mom went to a relative's place, she will be home later, but we can just start now. She trusts me with the kitchen"

"So...?" (Name) shifted hesitantly.

"Lets start!"



nd that was what happened roughly 23 hours ago. As of now, (Name) is borrowing the home ec room of Iwatobi high to cook the tonkatsu. Gou was a great teacher, and she clearly had a lot of experience in the kitchen, so she probably helped her mom a lot.

(Name) recalled Gou's mother. She had came home when they were done with cooking the tonkatsu. Her mother looked a lot more like Rin than Gou, so she must have taken after his father.

The woman had welcomed (Name) with open arms and even asked her to stay for dinner. (Name) had been hesitant at first, but after some comvincing, she stayed at Gou's place for dinner, eating the result of their cooking earlier. It tastes pretty good for her first time making this dish.

(Name) had a lot of experience in cooking, considering the fact that she lives alone, so she had to cook for herself. However, she never cooked it this way. Gou's recipe is certainly better.

Right now, (Name) had prepared everything, and was cooking it alone in the home ec room. Everyone else was in their club doing other activities, so she wouldn't be bothered by anyone.

She sighed to herself as she carefully placed the flour covered pork into the frying pan. She was cooking for a friend, why was she so nervous? It had tasted good yesterday and she followed all the steps, so it should turn out right this time.

(Name) mentally checked things off the list in her mind as her eyes wondered around the table top, looking at the lunchbox she prepared. Aside from the rice and the now cooking pork, she had added other vegetables and side dishes, to make it more colourful. She planned to get the coke later as she pass by a vending machine on the way.

One the pork was done, she took it out of the frying pan and cut it evenly, before placing it in the lunch box. I Hope he likes this...

She packed everything up and cleaned up her work space, and then proceeded to head off towards the station.

Gou and the boys are still in the swimming pool, so she would have to walk alone to the station alone, not that she mind. However, she was missing the company of her maroon haired friend. She always knew how to calm her nerves.

Once on the train, (Name) took a deep breath and settled down on an empty seat. She knew Sousuke is probably still practicing with his team, but she wouldn't need to wait. Besides, watching him swim can be fun too.

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