39 - Suddenly Everyone Disappears and Now its Just Us

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(Name) was a little late in noticing that her friends had all went separate ways, and now she was left alone with just Sousuke.

When she did notice, however, she did not mind one bit. After all, this was not the first time she was alone with Sousuke. Scratch that. The butterfly swimmer had fallen asleep on her bed once, so spending time together in a festival is not biggie.

"Sousuke," she tugged on his sleeve, pointing towards a fried food booth. It sold some fried squids, sausages, and many other streetfood.

"Hm?" he looked to where she was pointing and chuckled. Her excitement made her look so much like a child, which somehow, he found adorable.

Sousuke chuckled as he gently caressed her hair, careful no to mess it up. (Name) froze at this, she thought he was going to ruffle her haie as always but... This was a very gentle touch. She felt her heart race. "Alright lets go," he said, and he started towards the booth.

(Name) took a deep breath and then went to follow him. Calm down, it was probably a friendly gesture. And remember your promise.

"Uhmm I'll get two of (Preferred snack) please," (Name) said to the seller.

"I'll get the same," Sousuke added.

She slowly formed a plan in her mind. Today would be a good opportunity to let him know. To finally open the doors wide and let him into this big secret she's been keeping hidden for so long... And hope he does not end up resenting her.

"Here you go," the seller woman handed to them their ordered snacks, "that would be 500 yen in total."

Before she could even protest, Sousuke had already paid for both their snacks.

"S-Sousuke you don't have to," (Name) took her snakcs from him and gave him a small pout, "I was going to give her my money."

"Nah, I want to buy you something. Don't worry." He shrugged, biting into his snack, which was similar to (Name)'s.

She huffed. "Fine. But I'm paying next time."

"I'll make sure I don't ask for anything from you then."


He chuckled at her outburst, feeling his heart race. It was not because he was nervous. He was just... So happy with her around. She always seemed to lift his spirits and amuse him.

"Come on. We still have a lot of time before the fireworks start."


"Gou-chan!" Gou felt a hand land on her shoulder suddenly, making her jump. Gou whirled around, ready to scold the person who surprised her like that, but stopped as soon as she caught sight of blazing fire-like orange hair. That could only mean one person.

"M-M-Momo!" She stumbled back, whatever scolding she prepared evaporated from her lips, "Uh.. Wh-what are you doing here?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing!" Momo tilted his head, stepping closer towards her, "what is a cute lady like you doing hiding among the bushes like this?"

Gou blushed at the proximity and took a step back. There is no way she will admit that she was acting like a creepy stalker, all for the sake of her friend. She just wanted to make sure (Name) is alright. She had seemed pretty out of it on their way to the festival, and no matter how she pried, (Name) did not seem to want to talk about it. This got her worried, which brings her to this her current situation.

"I-I.. Nothing! Just.. Uhh... Getting away from the crowd. I need a breather."

Momo frowned and took her hand. "Well its dangerous for you to just wander around alone. What if there are perverts around? Its not safe."

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