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Drowning (Haru x Reader x Makoto) Free! by xcutiepiexx
Drowning (Haru x Reader x Makoto) xcutiepiexx
You don't need water to feel like your drowning, do you...? *I don't own Free!* (Haru x Reader x Makoto) @ dreaming_girl4 Thanks for the help on the cover
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The Power of Water | Various! Free Iwatobi Swim Club x Reader by AichiOtaku
The Power of Water | Various! Anime Is Better Then Socialli...
Water, a beacon for life and death itself. Although refreshing, it has the power to snake the arms of death around you or someone you love. Y/N had always been one with...
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Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | Various! x Reader ✓ by tsukkki-
Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | Jess
[anime various x reader] ❝ what mankind can imagine is what mankind can make into a reality ❞ // completed + unedited • 2016 // ~ these one-shots are old and really suck...
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Festival Of Sports | Crossover by MrStealYoPersonKarma
Festival Of Sports | Crossoverby MrStealYoPersonKarma
When volleyball players, swimmers, basketball players and assassins are brought together for a national competition in Tokyo, what will happen when they meet? Will enmit...
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Free x Reader Oneshots by TJoyPrincess
Free x Reader Oneshotsby TJoyPrincess
A collection of fluffy and cute oneshots guaranteed to make you squeal!
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Free! x Reader Oneshots & Scenarios by choba_tea
Free! x Reader Oneshots & Scenariosby チェルシー
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| Heyyo my lovely, lustrous pearls! Here is a book about the Free! best bois as your boyfriend in different oneshots & scenarios. I hope you enjoy. ~Currently...
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Free! Eternal Summer Scenarios by Saddiess
Free! Eternal Summer Scenariosby • dummy •
Wonder what the cast of Free do other than swimming? Read this to find out! Lol Free does not belong to me. It belongs to the creator . These are just random scenarios a...
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The Fever (Rin x Reader) *COMPLETED* by meisakamaki
The Fever (Rin x Reader) * Mei
You have been diagnosed with a mysterious illness that makes you extremely weak, and feverish. It hasn't gotten any better or any worse since you diagnosed, but it gradu...
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Free! x Reader Scenarios by hinata_flower
Free! x Reader Scenariosby 日陽
05/09/2019 #1 haruka x reader You've dived right into the Free! fandom, so why not enjoy some scenarios with the Free! guys? Cute and fluffy stories which are sure to ma...
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Anime X Readers by TheSapphireStar
Anime X Readersby Sapphire
That's right! TheSapphireStar will be doing x readers. I got inspired to do some by reading some myself. This was originally only going be Free! but no one has requested...
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Only You - (Tachibana Makoto x Reader) by JyuukiChann
Only You - (Tachibana Makoto x JyuukiChann
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Rin X Haru Fanfiction--Fever by jaws3d
Rin X Haru Fanfiction--Feverby jaws3d
Rin catches a really bad fever and Haru has taken it upon himself to look after him. Will Rin's affliction give Haru a chance to confess? And what about Rin? EDIT If you...
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The Teen Teacher by byeonjunk
The Teen Teacherby Dweeb
(F/n) didn't have a long childhood, but she has something that not every teen gets at the the age of 10... A college degree and masters in literature and English. Being...
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Free! x Reader [Oneshots] by icyfalls
Free! x Reader [Oneshots]by icyfalls
Hope you'll enjoy this collection of Free! oneshots~~
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whatever happened that night? ➳ makoharu by OnlySwimFree
whatever happened that night? ➳ Monty!! ⭐️
❝And at that moment, I swear we were eternal.❞ 〉〉〉 2015 COMPLETED
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Abandoned [A MakoHaru Fic] by MakotoTachibae
Abandoned [A MakoHaru Fic]by Alicia ☆
A MakoHaru Fanfic c: After Rin is threatened by his Homophobic parents that he should either chose Haru or Swim, the indecisive teenager ditches his boyfriend to contin...
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Free! x Reader [FINISHED] by norixsenpai
Free! x Reader [FINISHED]by Nori ;
a collection of oneshots, lemons, songfics, drabbles, etc. requests welcome!
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A Tender Warmth by peareatingpenguin
A Tender Warmthby Lavina Sebastian
It's just a one-night stand, what could possibly go wrong? A Makoto Tachibana x Sousuke Yamazaki Free! fanfiction. By @peareatingpenguin
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Free! Iwatobi swim club! by Kelleautu
Free! Iwatobi swim club!by Autumnfree21
What if Yui never existed in Diabolik Lovers. What if she existed in Free! Her parents sent her to a school called Samezuka High School in Free! Which is a all-boys scho...
Free! Eternal Thoughts by yarxxz
Free! Eternal Thoughtsby Y A R I X Z
Free! Eternal Summer One-Shots; Free! Eternal Characters X Reader (ON GOING) He will be freer than he ever was, with you. Everything originally came from my head. Secon...
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