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Pocky Game - Free! x reader by XxMeAndMyStoriesxX
Pocky Game - Free! x readerby Weronika Rosinska
Just an innocent game of pocky with our favourite boys. Vote, comment and enjoy! Xx (I also have another free! x reader one shots and I'm taking requests so you should d...
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Azure Beats (Sousuke x Reader) by Roschea
Azure Beats (Sousuke x Reader)by Roschea Arts
It all started when (Name) transferred to Iwatobi from Tokyo. She had a lot of reasons to why she moved out of the big city; health complications, a search for ideas to...
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FreexReader OneShots by theprincessofhyrule
FreexReader OneShotsby Amanda
A various collection of FreexReader OneShots. I do not own Free or it's characters but I do own all oneshots in this book!
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Free! x Reader Scenarios by hinata_flower
Free! x Reader Scenariosby 日陽
05/09/2019 #1 haruka x reader You've dived right into the Free! fandom, so why not enjoy some scenarios with the Free! guys? Cute and fluffy stories which are sure to ma...
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Free!| Sousuke X Tsundere! Reader by FluffyWords563
Free!| Sousuke X Tsundere! Readerby FluffyWords563
You were there... In the shadows as you saw Sousuke pin Haru and yell at him. Ever since you've hated him.
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Sosuke X Reader by anime_geek12345
Sosuke X Readerby Pigtato
(Y/n) (L/n), a good swimmer, a good friend, and a nice person. The friend you would want to have. A good lover. Emma, a okay swimmer, a nice person. Well maybe a nice p...
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Free! One Shots { Taking request } by smuttastical
Free! One Shots { Taking request }by [ R ]
Lol so this is where I post my-YES! Where I post my likkle one shot/drabble junkie stuff My genre consists of: character x character character x reader character x char...
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love and worry [yamazaki sousuke x reader] by dreamercy
love and worry [yamazaki sousuke dreamercy
hi minna-san this is my first time writing a story especially a fanfiction i hope u like it it's a love between sousuke and you (foreigner)
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Sousuke X !Chunky!Tattooed Reader- Uniquely Different by bonkers-4-hatter
Sousuke X !Chunky!Tattooed Niki
Tattoos, confidence and the sway of your hips; he was hooked! [Chunky, Tattooed Reader Insert]
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Bets are powerful [Sousuke x reader] by Gu-chan
Bets are powerful [Sousuke x Gu-chan
[Name] Miyamoto was now pretending to be her twin brother in an all boys school! Why? All thanks to a stupid bet that both of them made. She was clueless of the huge amo...
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rubor. | sousuke x reader by impxria
rubor. | sousuke x readerby impxria
Yamazaki Sousuke x Reader by Boapeeya
Yamazaki Sousuke x Readerby Boapeeya
I have so many ideas about Sousuke This album will contain more than one story (if I can ^^") Each story will finish within 1-2 parts (I will try ><") H...
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Sousuke Yamazaki x Reader by musktea
Sousuke Yamazaki x Readerby musktea
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The Epidemic by KitKatKittyKatKitten
The Epidemicby KadynIsTrying
A Sousuke Yamazaki x Reader story. If you want me to make another book for another character, just comment what you would like. Enjoy!
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sousuke x reader by freetwdlover
sousuke x readerby Muzuki Fullbuster
this is my first english story about the anime free so wish me luck hihi (y/n) met sousuke and rin in elementary school. After that Rin left they never saw each other ag...
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get you back [s. yamazaki] by eupharias
get you back [s. yamazaki]by aria
in which he is her unexpected swimming teacher [this is a copy paste from my quotev: dreamingzone. i also made samezuka academy a public school for the sake of au purpos...
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ( Various x Reader ! ) by crossxclx
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ( ジョイスのコーディ ♔
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x reader. Requests open ! Don't be shy to comment <3. Fluff, Lemon, and other various one-shot ideas welcome x !
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I Hate You, I Love You  Free! x Reader by ALREADY_ABANDONED
I Hate You, I Love You Free! x ABANDONED ACCOUNT
Free! x Reader « AU »
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