12. The Consequences

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Okay, so things have started becoming complicated for Sanaya. Don't miss out the fun that is going to be there in next few chapters. Very important part of the story is going on.

The important question is that what Ashar is going to do with Sanaya now? Comment your guesses... and besides, don't forget to give your views about my book :)


A chill went down to my spine when I saw the caller. Samara was a bad news for me. As soon as I hit the 'accept' button on my phone screen, she exploded, "I'm doomed. Everyone knows now, Sanaya."

"What are you talking about?" I inquired hesitantly.

"My own Dad two-timed me. He told everything to Uncle Matt." She began crying on phone, "Just because he can't cheat his lifelong friend."

My mouth parted. I was completely thunderstruck. I sat back on the same table I shared with Ashar few minutes ago. Cold fear spiraled through me. I understood now about his father's urgent call. Ashar was going to know about the truth of his marriage soon. My end was near.

Samara couldn't get a grip of her own created mayhem. She consoled me with her lies that she would take care of everything. Her father won't reveal the truth. That woman was fooling me since the beginning.

"Sanaya? Are you listening to me?" She yelled.

"What-what's going to happen now?" I stammered.

"They don't know about you yet. But Uncle Matt has asked me to bring that girl to him."

"So what have you decided?" I panicked.

"There's nothing we can do. You need to come here at the Hobsons right now."

"No way. I'm not coming. Solve your problems by yourself. I think I've helped you enough."

It would only get worse if I would go there. All of my efforts of running away from them would go in vain.

"You're fooled to think that you can be safe." She said, "They are going to find out about you, sooner or later. Just come here right now. You've no idea what mess you've started by signing those papers."

"What?" I knitted my brows together.

"Just come here, fast, or I'm going to tell them your location." The line went blank from the other side of the phone.

"Hey, you....Hello?"

Dammit! Why she have to be so rude every time? I looked at my phone screen and thought.

What did she mean by those papers? God, my mind was going to explode with all the stress. Now I had to go to the mansion because I was curious to know what she meant. If she mentioned that document then surely there was more I was unaware about. She had hidden something from me. But I was too scared to face Hobsons. I didn't know how I was going to defend my crime.

I felt so impotent and powerless. I could not hide from them. Eventually they would find out because I'd left my damn signature in those mysterious papers. I wanted to kill myself. I was scared out of my wits.

I called Jess who was Carol's friend and asked her to come over and stay at hospital with Carol. I was not sure if Carol would have wanted to tell her family about the incident or not so I decided to call her friend for now. I had to go to the mansion right now before they would send their men or police at my house to drag me to them. I wanted to discuss the problem face to face with them and pay whatever compensation they would ask from me and then leave for good. I was just tired of living in fright every day.

I was not a bad person or criminal for goodness's sake.


I thought better days of my life had started when I was accepted as a home cook for Hobsons, but soon my happy bubble of joy was bursted. Since I had involved myself with that billionaire family, I was facing problems after problems and my once simple life became pretty complicated.

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