24. The Birthday Party and the Kiss

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For the first in months, I got a chance to go out of the mansion and breathe in fresh air. Thanks to Matt. He allowed me to go to shopping with Melanie. Today in the morning when I met him, I asked him that I should buy myself some clothes so he agreed, but with a condition that Aaron would come with me. So he was here somewhere around me, hidden from Melanie's eyes.

Melanie brought me to a shopping mall where things were not very expensive. That was her opinion. I accepted her suggestion. She came with me because she wanted to buy a dress for the upcoming birthday party at the mansion. I was here to buy daily-wear for myself.

"Let's go to that shop." Melanie pointed her finger to some clothing store, "They have good and affordable designs."

"Okay." I followed her to the store.

I met with Matt today in the morning. He called me to give instructions related to Ashar's birthday party, arranged at the mansion. There would be around hundred people who were invited to be a part of his silver-jubilee birthday party including businessmen, investors, family, friends and reporters. Therefore, he advised me to stay hidden and be very vigilant during the celebration. He didn't want me to be seen by anyone, not even as a household staff because he couldn't afford to take a risk. In other words, I was not invited to that party.

Samara and Ashar would be pretending to be a happy married couple in front of the crowd. According to him, this party would be a great opportunity to show everyone how happily the recently-married couple was living together. Once the reporters would be sure that they were living gleefully, there attention would be diverted from them and my divorce could happen after that. 

"Buy a dress for yourself as well for the party." Melanie suggested while standing in front of the mirror and putting dresses on her.

"No. I'm not attending it. I'm just here to buy few shirts and trousers." I was at the tee shirts section, searching for my size through the rows.

She turned to me, "But why, Sanaya? All of us are allowed to be a part of it. Are you going somewhere else?"

"No, I'll be inside the house, doing my college work and then taking a long rest." I lied.

"Goodness. How can you do your college work when there would be a party going on in the mansion?"

"I have to. I've several assignments pending and I need to complete them."

"You're impossible." She reacted irritatingly and walked towards the dresses' section.

I wished I could have told her how Hobsons were thinking of me as a threat to their family. I was a fraud for them. But no, I was not going to think about that at least for sometime when I was here to relax. I was happy that I got a break from that suffocating environment and that psycho family.

After we were done with clothes' shopping, we walked out of the store with the few shopping bags in our hands and checked out other shops. My eyes caught a small gift shop as we passed by. The temptation for buying a birthday present for Ashar glued my feet on the ground. Melanie moved forward and went to the cosmetic store and I stood few steps away from that gift shop.

I was not attending the party, but still I could buy a gift for him. With this thought, I began walking towards the shop, but last night's crazy, sensual dream stopped me right there. I couldn't sleep after that dream because it replayed in my head repeatedly and teased me. I was embarrassed to core and the blush on my face didn't go away. And those weird prickles in the pit of my stomach all day forced me to think that something was really wrong within me.

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