32. The Rebel

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It traumatized me to recall that the sincerity, the desire I saw in Ashar's eyes were not for me. I was almost fooled by the way he held me in his arms that night, but then he woke up and said that he didn't mean to sleep with me. He thought I was Samara.

Dude, where you kidding me or what?

I clutched the wine glass in my hand, standing at the bar.

I was at the night party, arranged by my college buddy, Amelia. I wasn't close to her. She was more like an acquaintance. But, I accepted her invitation because I needed some distraction.

I thought of becoming a rebel, so without informing anyone, I managed to escape from the mansion. Although, Aaron caught me and tried to stop me, but today, I was not in the mood to be scared of anyone.

I pushed back that robotic, annoying guard and just ran away. He followed me afterwards, but couldn't catch me because I jumped inside the subway.

I didn't know if he managed to follow me till the Amelia's house or not because I didn't try to find out. I thought I would deal with him later on.

He would have probably informed Ashar or his father about my disobedience and maybe, they could be here any minute or to my good luck – leave me alone.

I was tired of being a good and obedient when I was not even getting any credit, instead the family kept maltreated me.

Moreover, I wanted to run away from my bothersome thoughts, but, believe me, this party was not at all helping. Ashar never left my mind.

"Hey, why are you standing alone?" A red head, teenage guy approached me, licked his uneven lips and plastered a playful smile on them.

His shape of lips reminded me of someone's lips. I could just never forget the feel of those lips.

I squeezed my eyes shut and reminded myself that I was here to distract myself.

I swallowed my drink – soft drink and shrugged, "May be, because I'm not in the mood to entertain someone."

He grinned, "Or may be, you had a fight with your boyfriend." He took a bite of hot wing and pushed the plate to my side, "Let me buy you some snacks."

What if Ashar was doing this on purpose because he regretted sleeping with me? It could be possible. I had a feeling that it was not a mere one night stand, but more than that – something real.

Was it possible not to recognize faces in drunkenness?

Why was he lying?

I sighed in defeat. Those questions were going to kill me.

I placed the empty glass on the table and scrunched up my nose, "Thank you, but I'm feeling nauseous right now. And no, I don't have a boyfriend."

I pushed back the plate to him.

It's true, these days, due to the constant stress and anxiety, I was hardly eating anything. The smell of food made me feel sick. To avoid growling stomach, I was drinking excessive water as a replacement of food.

"Okay, no problem." The red head guy reacted with a smile, "By the way, I'm David from NYU, what about you?"

David had gleaming and happy, brown eyes, long face, medium height and muscular physique. He was normal looking, yet charismatic. His body language was indicating that he was trying his hand on me. The way his eyes were checking me out, the way he was showing his cheery smile expressing it, but too bad, he approached a wrong woman.

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