50. Broken Trust

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 Whole chapter is revised so don't get confused. 


I further opened the door to get a full view of the scene. Samara stepped forward to him. Ashar understood her gesture so he opened his arms. They both hugged each other.

"I wanted to surprise you and see your reaction." She smiled against her shoulder.

Blood drained from my face. My head started spinning to the level that I started seeing two of them. Even the ground started rotating under my feet. Both of them were so lost in one another that they didn't even notice my presence when I entered in Ashar's office. 

They were still close, still together. The woman who started everything, who ruined my whole life was looking so happy in his arms. Was she in contact with him the whole time Ashar was with me? Was Ashar making me fool or what?

That thought trembled my heart in fear.

"I'm happy to see you." Ashar patted her back.

They both pulled back and smiled to each other. Samara's hands remained on Ashar's chest, "Why are you looking so pale? Don't you eat properly or you're working too much?"

Ashar chortled, "It's just fatigue, nothing more. But, look at you. You still look so gorgeous...oh wait, I forgot. Samara never compromises when it comes to her beauty."

"Stop it." Samara reacted and they both burst into laughter. She moved her hands down to her sides.

The way Ashar smiled at her, reminded me of old times; how he chose her over me, how he hurt me because of giving me mixed signals, how he supported her when I wanted him to take my side. Envy crept through me and it became difficult to stand upright anymore. He was still the same. What gotten into me that I thought he was changed?

Just when I gathered courage to forget about the past, everything started falling apart once again. One again both of them won in crushing me. I once again became a toy of their hands.

I was about to turn around and leave the room without letting them know about me when one of my high heels scratched on the floor.

Dammit. I muttered under breath and squeezed my eyes shut, wanted to throw those heels away.

"Sanaya?" Ashar called my name, "When did you come here?"

I faced them again. My gaze met with Samara and the smile on her lips slowly faded. This wench still knew how to attract men's attention. Her summer, printed dress wrapped around her body so perfectly that it showed all her curves. Her brown locks were resting on her back and the fresh, light makeup on her face brightened her already flawless skin. Ashar was right. She looked gorgeous and he was probably drooling over her beauty.

"Why? Didn't you like it that I paid you a surprise visit." I let out a fake chuckle, suppressing the rush of uncontrolled rage in me, "Are you angry that I caught your act and that you're finally exposed?"

"Exposed?" His face contorted in confusion. He paused for a moment as if he was trying to figure out what I was talking about. His eyes widened when he finally understood, "No. It's not what you think, She was on-"

"Stop the act, Ashar." I shouted. He winced.

Samara came forward, "Sanaya, listen to m-"

I turned to her, raising my finger at her, "You. You'll never change. Fine, you won again and I lost. Congratulations."

She got startled by my outburst. Both of them were such a great actors!

Ashar grabbed my arm and spun me around, "What are you talking about, Sanaya? At least first listen."

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