Special Chapter II (Ashar's POV)

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Who loves cheesy romance or is it just me? Sometimes I think, its just me. 

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I was a cooperative, easy and polite boss and looked after my employees' needs, still some of them planned to betray me. It staggered me that those perpetrators were not happy with me and selling my company's secrets to the Braydens Enterprise. They were our rivalry and competitor.

They had bugged us for years through their foolish ways and this time, they crossed the line. They bought my employees and asked them to disclose Hobsons private information to them. Thankfully, my staff caught all of the culprits who were working for Braydens. But, still some bits of our information were now in their hands and that was bothersome.

I stayed in New York for almost nine days because my company needed them so I couldn't keep my words to Sanaya that I would be back by the end of the week. I hardly got time to eat or sleep. I slept only four hours a day and at times I felt like I had no energy left in my body due to continuously handling matters at the office. 

Because of my tight schedule, I got no time to call Sanaya and she didn't bother to call me either. Anyways, I didn't expect her to do so. I knew she won't.

I was planning to stay there for few more days and sort out everything because I couldn't pay attention to the company properly from another state. But then, Sanaya called. At first, when I saw her name appeared on my phone's screen, I thought I was daydreaming or something or maybe, I misread the name, but when I accepted her call and heard her voice I felt myself on cloud nine.

Thoughts like she missed me, wanted to talk to me flooded my head, but this was not the case. When I heard about Zoya's health, my heart began thumping in my chest with fear. The disastrous news frightened me. I left everything behind and told my Dad that I had to go back. I took the flight and returned to Sanaya and my little daughter.

It was Zoya's illness that forced me run to her otherwise I wouldn't be able to come back for few more days. It was not easy to give my time and attention to Sanaya and my business at the same time. I had told her that I won't leave her side, but only I knew how difficult that decision was for me when I had a burden of my business on me.

But still, I was trying to give most of my time to her in order to make her believe that I was here only for her. Once she would start showing some faith on me, maybe I would tell her that I couldn't stay here for like forever and had to go back to New York because almost all of the company's responsibility was on me and it was not possible to run a business from another state.

I didn't want to give her any stress right now and show myself carefree around her to lighten up her mood and make her smile and relax. There was a chance that I had to go back to New York anytime in upcoming weeks.

I was sitting on the floor, against the tan sofa while my one arm wrapped around Sanaya who was sleeping peacefully. Her head was resting against my chest and her hand was on my torso. Her loose hair were falling on her face so I just pulled them back and tucked them behind her ear. I remained unmoved and stayed in the same position because I was feared that I might disturb her sleep.

I was little bit surprised to see her change behavior that she didn't mind our physical contact right now. At last, she loosened up her stiffness and accepted that she also needed to be coddled sometimes. I was happy to see this change, giving me a hint that I had made some progress.

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