49. Early Morning Marriage Proposal

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This whole chapter is revised. So, don't get confused. 


My eyes fluttered opened. I turned on my side. Zoya's sleeping figure brought back the memories of last night and took my sleep away. I caressed her cheek and smiled to myself, recalling that was she was now healthy and with me.

I rose to sitting position, cast a glance at the wall-clock. It was seven in the morning. Recalling the argument I had with Ashar last night, I wondered where he could be right now. I had a faint memory that he carried me to my room, but I was feeling too knackered and weak to react.

The realization trickled through me that I acted selfish throughout the situation and didn't pay attention to Ashar's pain. Zoya was his daughter too. He loved her too. He also would have been frightened and felt helpless like me, but I was so lost in my own pain that I forgot about his fears. It was all my fault that made all of us suffered and still Ashar didn't complain, didn't allege me for anything instead tried to soothe away my affliction.

From now, I would put aside my own concerns and listen to his. I really wanted to know what was going in his life especially about his father's health. With that thought, I hopped out of the bed and sauntered towards the bathroom to wash away my drowsiness.

Once I was done, I stepped out of my room while gathering my loose hair and rolling them up at the top of my head. I felt slightly astonished when I noticed Ashar was sitting outside the room at the breakfast table. His eyes were glued on his phone's screen as if he was reading something important. A gleam of happiness prickled in me when I found him here.

My gaze caught the steaming omelet and other items like a bowl of cereal, some fresh toasts and a strawberry jam on the table. He prepared the breakfast that means he stayed here all night. I stepped further to get his attention and smelled the familiar scent; the scent of my body wash. It means, he took a shower in my bathroom as well.

He noticed my presence and looked up at me, "Hey, good morning."

I cleared my throat, "Did you sleep here?"

"Yes." He answered thoughtfully, putting his phone down on the table.

"Again on the same place, I mean on the floor?"

"Of course."

"Oh." I responded lowly.

Not that I mind his presence here. I was happy to see him here, but I didn't like it that he again spent the whole night on the rough floor.

He rose on his feet and faced me, "How are you feeling now?"

"Better. Just a little headache." I didn't know why I was being so formal to him.

He gave me a fervor, long stare that made me feel uneasy so I just looked away from his face and tried to lessen the awkwardness between us, "Did you prepare all this?" I pointed towards the food on the table.

"Yes. I woke up early so I thought I should prepare breakfast for my ladies." He said nonchalantly.

I looked back at him with surprised gaze. He left his work, his family, his home and chose to stay with me. That thought reminded me of the mishap that had taken place at his company and how much that had perturbed him still he ignored everything and came back for his daughter and even comforted me, bear my devastated state.

"I had no idea that you know how to cook."

"I'm not an expert like you, just know the basics." He took a step towards me.

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