11. A Friend in Trouble

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Frightfully, I began trotting inside the house and ascended the stairs. Few guests were there too. I put my hand on the stairs railing and tried to search Noah or Carol from above here. It would be easier to find them among crowd from here. At the same time, I tried calling on Carol's phone with a hope that she would take it. Ashar followed me.

He took my phone from my hands. I glanced at him. He moved his fingers against my screen, tapping on some number keys. "I'm saving my number in your phone. You check this floor. I'm going upstairs."

He returned the device to me, "Give me a call if you find her. By the way, what's her name?"

"Carol." I answered.

Giving me a quick nod, he hurried to his own way. I started my search also. The house was comprised of two floors including the rooftop. And this floor had around seven rooms. With every passing moment, the panic inside me was increasing. I opened the first three rooms of the floor and they all were empty. The corridor had strobe lights that were hurting my eyes. When I was about to grab the doorknob of a fourth room, I heard woman's screams. Those screams startled me because they were not normal. It was like someone was beating the person and that victim was shrieking out of pain.

My heart skipped a beat. I forced myself to open the door. My phone fell from my hand when I witnessed the horrible sight in front of me. A half-naked, young man was on the top of woman. The female was trying to get rid of him, wriggling her limbs. The sound of my phone smacking on the floor disturbed them and both of them looked at me. I instantly noticed the faces; Noah and Carol.

Carol's dress was ripped opened from above. Her eyes were brimming with tears. The makeup on her face was all smudged. My mouth agape as I understood the whole situation. My instincts were right about Noah.

"Sanaya." Carol sobbed aloud, "Please help me."

Noah glowered at me, "Go away." Carol used her strength to shove him back, but Noah fought back and grabbed both of her arms and hid his face in the hollow of her neck.

He further pulled her dress down. Carol squirmed tried to stop him, "Stop it, Noah. You're drunk. Please let me go." He blocked her voice by forcefully kissing her on mouth.

I was so panic-stricken that my mind and body were petrified. Carol's shrieks forced me to look around something that could stop that drunkard monster. I picked up my phone and stepped further in the room. Scurrying towards them, I grabbed Noah's naked forearm and tried to pull him away from Carol, "Leave her, Noah. What are you doing."

He shoved me back blindly. I stumbled then fell on the floor. With heavy and rapid breaths, I once again stood up, grabbed the television remote and hurled at him.

It didn't work. However, Carol got successful in pushing him away, but he again landed on her, held her both arms, exposing her undergarment.

"Why are you making it difficult?" Noah said in frustrating tone, crashing his lips on Carol's mouth.

I felt disgust and started throwing random items at him like whatever I was finding in the room. Noah stopped and gave me a death glare.

"I knew it from the beginning what kind of person you are." I scowled.

I took advantage of the situation and held small, glass lamp and flung it at him furiously. The lamp bashed his bare fore-arm and it began bleeding. I slightly smirked. He got infuriated. He moved back from Carol and sprinted to me. He pulled my hair, used his full force that made me scream. His hand had dried blood stains that whirled my head for a moment. He reeked of alcohol.  

He nuzzled his nose to my cheek, "What? Do you wanna take her place?" I couldn't move because the sharp pain at the back of my head weakening me. The rotten smell of alcohol contorted my nose in disgust. 

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