25. The Strange Feelings

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The correct pronunciation of the "Ashar" is "Ashr". I hope you all will like this chapter :) keep waiting for more. 



Ashar shoved his hands in his pocket and stood in a relaxed posture. His face was not clearly visible due to the darkness inside the room, but the strobe lights downstairs flashing on his face dimly after every few seconds. His contracted jaws gave me an impression that he was not happy to see me here and controlling his outburst.

"I'm talking to you, Sanaya. You were told to not to leave your room today so why are you here?"

"Um... you were downstairs a while ago, how did you...? I trailed off, gesturing my hand towards the balcony behind me.

His gaze moved to the balcony for a second before coming back at me, "So you were watching everything from here."

"I was just bored." I said in a very low voice.

"What if someone else saw you like me? Why are you trying to create more problems?" He snapped aloud. I took a step back involuntarily. So, he saw me from downstairs that's why he was here. I felt slightly frightened.

"I can't stay locked in the room all day. It's been quite some time since I'm staying here. You should know at least by now that I'm harmless, Ashar." I scoffed. I was not in the mood to be nice with him because the fake show that I just witnessed had totally ruined my mood.

"No. I'm still not sure." He shook his head, raising my annoyance some more. He was really hard-headed.

"Fine. Think whatever you want to. I'm getting out of here." I seethed and started walking towards the door. I felt fury bubbling up in me, making my blood boil. He would never change his opinion about me. He could soften his heart for his childhood sweetheart, but not for me who was actually more sincere to him than her.

I was about to step a foot outside the room, when suddenly his arm pulled me around and pinned me to a wall just beside the room's door. A low scream came out of my mouth, but he blocked it by putting his large palm on it. My eyes widened and I started squirming to let go of him. He shot daggers at me and grabbed my shoulder to stop me from moving, "Stay still." He mouthed, looking anxious.

I began feeling suffocating because his palm on my mouth blocking the oxygen. Shaking my head several times, I tried to give him a hint that I couldn't breathe like this. He ignored my intimation, angling his neck to look outside the room as if he was looking for someone. I couldn't pay attention to the fact that he was dangerously close to me because of the oxygen starvation.

I used my strength, pushed him back a little and moved his hand away from my mouth, "Are you trying to suffocate me to death?" I breathed aloud, glowering at him. Finally, I was able to exhale out all the air that was obstructed by him.

He groaned, "I told you to stay still. Someone is outside the room." My brows flew up in astonishment and it was difficult to breathe once again. He gave me a nod after noticing my reaction and put his finger on his lips, hinting me to stay quite.

"Are you really here to search for a restroom?" I heard a faint, male voice that was becoming louder as if he was coming this way.

"No. I lied." Another man replied, "I'm trying to get some spicy news story."

Ashar's jaws clenched. He was unknowingly rubbing his front with mine while he was still looking outside, completely looked unaffected by our awkward positions. The heat radiating from his body was raising the tiny hair on my arms and neck. I felt my face turned hot.

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