52. The Four Conditions

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Times changes, so does people, so does our situations. They realize they were wrong as they become more mature with time. A bad person doesn't always remain bad. We should appreciate him if he musters courage to apologize and repent for his mistakes with a thought that you're not a saint either.

That's what I had learnt from my experience. I had decided to let go of every bad memory of my past life and start over; give myself another chance and also to Ashar. Besides, Ashar had already compensated for his mistakes by looking after my daughter all alone, by living as my husband for more than three years.

"What exactly were you thinking? Why did you turn off your phone?" I breathed out.

Ashar drew his brows together as he frowned at me. His hands were still hiding in his pockets. He was in plain formal wear, looking clean cut and fresh. His hair were perfectly combed towards his side. The tingles in my stomach incited that took away all my worries and glistened my eyes because I realized how much I had missed him in past few days.

Although he looked perfect right now, but still he couldn't hide the grief in his eyes. They looked empty and unhappy.

"I've been running around and searching you since past hour. You don't even care about your own daughter. She is missing you, asking about you. Tell me what I should say to her that her daddy is out of his mind." I crossed my arms under my chest and puckered my lips angrily.

His surprised gaze scrutinized me from top to bottom, giving me light shivers. He was maybe trying to believe that I was really here, standing in front of him.

"I do care about her. What are you doing here?" Finally, he spoke. His deep voice accelerated my heartbeat, reminding me how much I had wanted to hear that sound. It had been days since I last heard his voice.

"You said you'll never leave my side. You didn't keep your words."

"You asked me to leave." He reminded me in a serious tone.

I uncrossed my arms, chuckling, "I asked you to leave when I saw you waiting outside my workplace. I asked you to leave when you showed up in front of Caldwell and signed the contract. I asked you to leave every time you infuriated me through your childish ways. You never listened to me then why all of a sudden you decided to be so obedient?"

He looked away, "Because this time I saw your eyes. They were full of hatred and I couldn't bear it."

I didn't know how far away I was from the mansion, but I don't think I could walk back there because my legs were aching. I could barely stand.

I stepped closer and cascaded my arms around him. Burying my face in his warm clothes, I  sniffed his tantalizing scent. He stiffened in response, "I don't hate you." I whispered against his chest, "I was just angry and I'm here to apologize for my rudeness."

He didn't say anything, didn't hug me back. I sensed his rigid posture so I stepped back and looked at him with fearful eyes. My chest hardened when once again the same thought popped up in my head that what if he would remain persistent with his decision and won't forgive me.

His penetrating gaze was boring holes into my forehead. He slipped out his hands from his side pockets, biting his top lip a little while his face still remained unreadable, "How you got to know that you came all the way here just to apologize?"

I played with my fingers, "Samara came to my house and explained everything."

He tightened his jaws, shaking his head in disbelief, "You believed her, but not me."

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