37. Toys and Baby Clothes

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Majority of you suggested that it would be best for Sanaya if she chooses to runaway with her baby. I'm pleased to know your thoughts, but, now, wait and see what Sanaya thinks what's best for her. 

Thank you for your responses. I appreciate those readers who expressed their opinion. 

Next update will be disclosed next week. To make everyone of you happy, I've decided to increase my word limit. This chapter is also longer than than the previous ones. I'll write long chapters from now to finish the book faster.

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"I'm sorry, Mel. But I couldn't tell you the truth."

She brought me to her room and made me sit on her bed. She looked surprised, sad and little bit angry as well.

"This is too much to swallow. How is this even possible?"

I buried my face in my palms and sobbed, recalling Ashar's cold behavior. If he wanted to be with Samara why did he give me mixed signals then?

"Sanaya, stop." She grabbed my palms, "Tell me everything, are you really Ashar's wife?"

I uncovered my face, cleaned off the water from my face, "It's confusing. I don't know what I am for Ashar."

She placed the ice bag on my swelled cheek and waited for my response.

This time, I did explain everything to Melanie, from the beginning till now without hiding even the smallest fact about me, including those reasons that stopped me from telling her the truth. She deserved to know. She was the only one who didn't make me feel lonely since I shifted here to this mansion.

"Goodness, Sanaya." She exclaimed, putting her palms on both of her cheeks in surprise, "I've never heard of such a confused marriage."

"That's the thing."

"But, why Ashar is rejecting the baby? You said he showed signs that he has romantic feelings for you."

"I don't understand at all. Sometimes he showed that he cared for me, but there a times when he did deliberate attempts to hurt me." I answered.

"That's awful. I still can't believe you're the real wife of Ashar."

I hugged my knees and buried my face in them.

"Now, what have you decided?" She questioned.

I moved up my head, "The same question, I've been asking with myself. Should I go for the abortion?"

Should I just give up on everything and free myself from all the pain and suffering?

"I think you should talk with Ashar in detail. Ask all the questions directly to him and then decide." She mused, while giving me another round of ice massage to my cheek.

"But, I'm afraid of talking to him. What if he would reject me and his baby right on my face? What if he himself asks for the abortion? I don't think I can bear this." I expressed my fears to her.

It was not easy for a mother to go for an abortion, to think of actually killing her own baby who didn't even come to this world. I needed a lot of audacity of doing so. But, at the same time, fearful thoughts were coming to my mind like what if Ashar would never accept the baby?

My baby would have to live without a father and that would be even more painful.

"Don't go for abortion, then. Accept Matt. Hobsons's offer." She suggested.

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