1. The Blueberries

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"Let's have some fun tonight." Carol, my high school friend and also my roommate spoke on the phone.

"What's the occasion?" I heard myself asking.

She sighed, "It's the weekend, Sanaya."

She was asking me to go to some night club to spend the Saturday night out and I could not say no to her because I liked the idea, secondly, she was persistent. A night out would be perfect for me right now to freshen up my mind and take a break from my hectic life.

After getting a positive response from me, Carol cut the call immediately and sent me the address of the place. A new club had opened recently near our high school. She wanted to check it out. She had assured me that the place was good and we would have a good time there.

Tossing my phone on the bed, I moved towards the bathroom to change my clothes. I wore my fancy silk top with white skinny pants. The sky blue top had short sleeves and a round neckline. I preferred comfort over beauty. Girls give themselves hard time by wearing skin tight and uncomfortable dresses only to hear few stupid praises. I was against that philosophy. 

That's why I don't torture myself with voguish and groovy dresses if they are not comfortable enough to wear. I didn't care if people say that I didn't have a good fashion sense. I just had different priorities. The types of clothes I usually wore were baggy sweaters, over-sized tee shirts with worn out jeans and sneakers.

I sat on the backless seat, placed in front of my dresser and started doing my hair. The color of my hair was coal black; long, slightly wavy, black hair that complimented my ivory skin tone and oval-shaped face. Moving brush all through my locks, I settled them on my back and started doing my makeup.

First, I lightly massaged my whipped foundation all over my face, hiding the freckles and the bags under my eyes. Due to lack of sleep and excessive working, the darkness under my eyes was persistent and since my dark brown eyes were big and prominent, the dark circles were clearer than usual. People at my school say, my eyes have a charm to fascinate people and they are my best facial feature. They show my feelings.

I wasn't sure if this was true or not, but yes I had protruding eyes with long, thick lashes. I'd observed that normally people first noticed my eyes, stared at them before checking out other things about my appearance. I slathered light gold and pink shades on my eyelids and coated my full lips with soft pink, creamy matte lipstick to give a plump look to them.

Slipping my feet into white stilettos, I grabbed my phone and checked the address from Carol's text message. Once I was done with everything, I walked out of my dorm room, locking the door behind. School dormitory was presently my home since I'd shifted from my foster home.

I grew up in an orphanage. I didn't know the reason like why I ended up there because I had been living in the orphanage for as long as I remember. However, their administration say, I was brought there when I was around two-week old. Three months ago, I turned eighteen and finally transferred from my foster home to the school dorm.

Since I was now legally adult, I had to move out because it's their policy that they only take care of kids until the age of eighteen. Now I was left alone with my own financial burdens. Although, they helped me in getting a scholarship from the high school so I didn't have to worry about that problem. And now in two months, I would graduate from there.

I reached to that new night club and walked straight inside. Contrary to my expectation, the place was not very crowded and I was grateful of that because I usually avoided crowded places. It's just suffocating and uncomfortable. Anyways, the environment here was calm, maybe due to the soothing, light music. Moreover, there were dim lights, a dance floor which was not very packed and of course a bar where I caught Carol who was sitting there with her friends.

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