3. The Wedding Secret

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My foster home told me that I was found in an empty apartment when I was around two weeks old. That apartment was not registered under anyone's name. It was open for sale for like two to three months. The next-door neighbor found me there and contacted the foster home right away so that they could take me in.

They told me no one came for me. They even tried to find any clue about my family, but still nothing worked and my birth remained a mystery for forever. I was just like those kids who don't know anything about their parents and why they are left out.

Maybe I was an illegitimate child, maybe my parents wanted a boy, but they had me so they decided to disown me. Maybe this, maybe that...I'd spent all those years with those maybes and tried to think of reasons about why they abandoned me. With time, I learned to live with this reality and accepted my fate.

I was at my workplace, preparing lunch for the family. Andrew gave me few recipe books that further eased my job because the recipes in them were quick and easy and they also helped me in deciding every day's menu.

I began cutting some cucumbers for the Cucumber Sunomono. It was a Japanese food starter. I got slightly disturbed when I heard a faint sound of woman's laugh.

"Can't you convince your mom that I don't want to wear her chosen wedding dress?" Someone was there, maybe in the dining area.

"You know everything. Still, you're asking me such a question, Samara." This time I heard the male voice.

I furrowed my brows, trying to think who could be speaking so loudly. Both of the voices were so clear. It was hard to ignore them, but I tried to divert my mind and concentrated on cucumbers.

"But, it's my wedding, Ashar. I have a right to choose my own wedding dress." The woman reacted.

Curiosity began bubbling up in me so I thought to at least look at the faces. They were probably that couple who were about to get married. I put my knife down, wiped the moisture from my hands with the apron I was wearing and sneaked towards the kitchen exit. Hesitantly, I peeked outside the kitchen that's when I saw a woman's face.

I moved my head further to get a look of man's face, but at the same moment that brunette looked in my direction. I pulled back my head inside immediately before she could catch me. She was definitely Samara Elizabeth, fiancée of Ashar Hobsons.

"My mom's designs are the best in the city. Besides, we need to make everything look perfect. Your choice is not appropriate. We are building our reputation and expanding our business through this marriage so we can't act carelessly." Ashar spoke.

I knitted my brows in confusion. Marriage for business expansion? It means all of those news about their cheesy love story are fake?

I didn't know much about them, but girls at my school talk a lot about Ashar and his wedding event. I had heard about them that Samara and Ashar are childhood sweethearts and they finally has decided to tie themselves into a sacred relation; marriage.

"You're sounding like we are doing some sort of contract marriage. Don't you love me?"

"Sam, you know I don't feel that kind of love for you. Still you embarrass me by asking the same question again and again."


I heard Ashar saying further, "I'm comfortable in your company. You're the only close friend I've been with so I just thought we'll do well as husband and wife. However, I'm happy that our marriage would open doors of success for both of our businesses."

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