9. The Resignation

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Hobsons exported their electronics all over the Europe. Those electronics were designed and programmed by them that included mobile phones, laptops, home appliances and much more. They even owned two shopping malls in New York; one of them was located at the first three floors of the Hobsons Enterprise. I had seen that building few times when I was working at the nearby restaurant, but I never went there because I had heard that the prices were high at the shops there. And since I didn't spend unnecessarily, so it was useless to visit that shopping mall.

Today's breakfast was chocolate muffins, French toasts and buttermilk pancakes and waffles. Today's menu was my favourite and I was good at them. Chocolate muffins were my specialty, that's what kids at my foster home said. When I was living there, I used to bake different flavored muffins for the volunteers and kids and their compliments were always motivational.

Just thinking about them gave me teary eyes because I missed my old life. I didn't have to worry about money, rent or career when I was living at my foster home. Maybe I should've never grown up. It would be better if I would've remained kid all my life. Those kinds of thoughts were keep coming to my mind since that wedding disaster.

"So, everything is going to be sweet today in the breakfast." The sudden male voice interjected my thinking process.

My eyes widened in fear when I saw Ashar was standing in the kitchen. My heart hammered against my chest. The fitted, v-neckline tee shirt was defining his abs and broad shoulders. The smooth yet craggy skin of his bare biceps made my mouth dry. His hair were messy and wet. It means, he came here right after the shower. The fresh scent of after-shower filled the entire kitchen.

"How are you, young girl with pretty eyes?" He questioned.

My brows raised at his compliment. I couldn't be sure that whether he finds my eyes pretty or its just he's imitating his mother.

He let out a short chuckle at my reaction, "What? I don't know your name then what I'm supposed to call you? Anyways why you didn't tell me that day that you work at my house?"

I scratched my head, feeling cold, "I didn't recogniz-e you."

He motioned his head up and down slowly, "Hmm. It means you also remember that incident. I thought at first you forgot about our first meeting."

We have met second time as well and you don't know about it yet. I mentally said to myself, biting my bottom lip firmly in fright. 

"But you really can't forget it." He continued, "Your clothes were completely wasted. I was so embarrassed. That incident kept crossing my mind, you know."

I gave him another surprised look. So he really thought of me. I assumed it was just me who was thinking about him. If I wouldn't have wore Samara's wedding dress then I would've felt happy right now after hearing that Ashar remembered me, but now everything had turned upside down. I could now feel only one emotion in his presence; fear.

"Yeah." That's all I could say to him.

Every time his eyes look at my face, I felt like he was about to find out about me that I was his bride on the wedding day. I just couldn't act normal in front of him so I just turned towards the counter and started stirring the muffins' batter.

"You weren't like this when I first saw you. You look nervous. Is everything okay?" He came forward and stood beside me. I could feel his gaze staring my side face. My grip on the spatula I was holding tightened as my mind again intimidated me with another thought that he would recognize me if he get a closer look of me.

"No, there's no problem." I forced a smile on my face and looked at him.

He pursed his lips, nodding, "Okay if you say so."

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