26. A Call from Foster Home

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I thought of coming with 4 chapters this time but you guys are being too impatient so only two chapters for now because I could only write 2 chaps during past week.

Anyways, I'm thankful to my readers who are with me in Sanaya and Ashar's life journey.


I just looked at him wordlessly, recalling how we were tied into this unwanted relation. It was difficult to act casual to him when we both were in awkward situation.

"Why, just why you look at me like that every time I see you?' His sudden question made me dumbfound.

"What do you mean?"

"That pleading look. Does anyone ever told you that your eyes show emotions?" He slammed the chocolate box on the table in front of him and stood up from his chair.

"Er..few times." I looked away.

"It's bothersome. It forces me to go easy on you." He said in a low whisper that was barely audible. 

I felt staggered to know that my eyes distracted him. I thought he never paid any attention on my looks.

"Then, go easy on me, Ashar." I suggested.

Once again I was thinking to try to talk to him about the matter he avoided since that mishap began. Although, I liked the way how we were casually talking few minutes ago as if nothing was wrong between us. But that's the thing - I could never be just normal to him. The tension between us would always remain.

I ambled to him and stood in front of him, "I can't stand your anger for me. I'm suffering like you."

He grasped my forearm and pulled me roughly, "You should've thought before doing this. You should've thought about the consequences."

I winced. His grip on my arm tightened as he moved his face close to mine, "We're almost legally married. I had to accept you as my wife on the papers. If I wouldn't have done that, they would've charged me for the fraud."

He left my arm and slightly pushed me back with a jerk. My vision became unclear as tears began to gather in my eyes. I already knew that we were married. But, hearing it from his mouth was like a slap on my face.

For the world, Samara was married to him because they thought that at the wedding day she was standing in the Church. For the law, I was married to him.

"I was such a fool to not to pay attention to my instincts." Ashar exploded in anger, showing me his back, "I felt the difference when I held your hand at the Church. I knew Samara's hand feeling. But, when I grabbed your hand I felt a total different feeling as if I was touching someone else's hand."

I shuddered as the flashbacks of the wedding day replayed in my head.

"Even the different scent also left me doubtful. I knew very well what kind of perfumes Samara usually uses." He continued, smacking the table, "But, that day, when I got close to you, I smelled a different perfume that it left me surprised. I did feel weird at that time."

So, that's how he was closed to Samara. Then, why did he say that he doesn't love her?

Ashar turned to me abruptly, startling me, "Tell me, it was you all that time, right? It was you who declared me your husband, it was you who got the wedding ring?"

I lowered my gaze, confirmed his doubts. I dug my nails into my own palms as I felt scared, ashamed. 

He was hurt, broken and surprised. He also felt helpless. His despaired yet wrath gaze screamed that. I couldn't help, but to feel sorry for that man. Ashar couldn't know, but I was the only person who could understand his rage and pain because I also felt the same way. That was the only reason I couldn't make myself to hate him.

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