Characters' Introduction

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This is not a introduction of all the characters of the book, but only of important and prominent ones. 

Sanaya Frances: The narrator of the book. She grew up in an orphanage. She doesn't know anything about her birth parents. Sanaya keeps herself busy with her part time jobs in order to gather money for her college tuition fee. Her goal is to get a college degree and find a respectable job. She has long, wavy, black hair, chocolaty, big eyes and full lips. 

Ashar Hobsons: He is not a typical arrogant billionaire, but he is cool-minded, friendly and humble who does not disrespect anyone unnecessarily. However, he hates being back-stabbed or betrayed. Once he gets angry, there is no way he would calm down easily. Ashar has dark hair, uneven lips, graceful physical looks and bluish eyes. He is happily getting married to his childhood friend because this marriage is beneficial for his business. But, there is a twist waiting for him on his wedding day.

Samara Elizabeth: She loves her and Ashar's family wholeheartedly. She knows Ashar and his family since her childhood. Samara is rich, good looking, demanding and at times selfish, but when time comes, when she needed to show that Ashar's happiness is important to her, she did what he wanted. Samara looks like an American model; caramel blond locks, greyish eyes and perfect hourglass body shape. 

Carol: Sanaya's high school friend who helps her in times of need.

Ryan:  Sanaya's friend since her childhood and first crush. He grew up in the same orphanage with Sanaya.

Melanie: A housekeeper at Hobsons's Mansion and Sanaya's friend.

Katherine Hobsons: She is the mother of Ashar Hobsons. Katherine is a fashionista and has her own clothing line 'Hobsons Designs'. She is a good mother to her sons. She is decent, admirable and generous female billionaire.

Matt Hobsons: He is the father of Ashar. He loves his family a lot, but when it comes to his business, he is not a very kind-hearted because he gave his entire life to build Hobsons Electronics. Good reputation is important to him.

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