35. Embarrassed and Hurt

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"Honey, I'm not going to let them put that needle in me." I heard female yelling.

My eyes snapped opened at the sound of a loud, shrill voice. The smell of medicine reached to my nostrils.

I blinked several times to wake myself up completely. I realized that I was in the emergency ward of the hospital.

I sat up immediately and looked around.

"Baby, it's just the small needle. It's not going to kill you." A male voice spoke.

I turned my head and observed that two nurses were standing near a female patient's bed. One of them was holding a syringe in her hand.

The patient seemed to be around in her mid-twenties and the man who was standing at the other side of her bed was probably her husband. The female was yelling quite loudly to the nurses, catching attention of other patients in the ward.

"Don't you know I'm scared of syringe?" She hollered, glaring at her husband.

Her husband moved his gaze around in embarrassment, "Stop it, please. Everyone is looking at us. Just let them do their job."

I rolled my eyes after registering the entire scene in my head. She was acting like a three-year old.

Even children these days are not scared of the syringe. Kids at my foster home were so strong that some of them didn't even cry during their essential vaccinations.

"No. Just take me away from here. I'll be fine with the medicines." She remained persistent.

Some of the patients were finding the sight entertaining. They were giggling and laughing at her. If I would be in a good mood, I would have joined them. But, right now, her hollers were hurting my ears.

She was palpably mental.

Her husband shook his head in annoyance, "I'm sorry, honey, but you've left no option for me."

"Do it... I'll help you." He gave his approval to the nurses.

The woman screamed at the top of her voice. Nurse pushed her back on the bed and held both of her arms. Her husband held her legs. The other nurse started rolling up woman's shirt's sleeve.

The patient's screams got louder. The entire hospital probably would've heard her screams.

I got irritated, no – infuriated. Who brought me to that low-graded hospital?

When the nurse did her task, she finally stopped screaming and calmed down after yelling swear words to her husband and the nurses.

Someone cleared his throat, just beside my bed.

"Hello, Miss Frances."

I moved my head in other way and saw a middle-aged doctor, "Yes?"

"How are you feeling now?"

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