15. To the Mansion Again

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The same day in the evening, I just sluggishly laid on the center of my bed, looking at the ceiling. The idea of becoming a wife of the billionaire at the age of eighteen was like a bundle of nerves for me. I was not sure what was more saddening for me, the fact that I was now married to the man who thought of me as a despicable being or the fact that Hobsons were going to lock me in their house and monitor my actions. They would treat me as a criminal.

Which one was the most severe and frightful for me? I kept thinking and couldn't make up my mind to listen to Matt's order. Although he asked me to shift to his house by tonight, but I was still at my rental apartment and remained torpefied.

The sudden knock on my door made me jump out of my skin. I sat up and glanced at the door. Maybe Matt had sent his man now to take me to his house. With the rapid heartbeats, I stood up from my bed and reached to the door when I heard another knock there.

I opened it. A young, good-looking man in formal outfit was standing there with his hands in his pockets, "Hi. I'm Aaron. Matt Hobsons sent me to escort you to his house."

My mouth went dry. That old man wanted to continue afflicting me. He was keeping his words. He was not sending me to prison, but would imprison me in his own house. "Miss Frances, I'll appreciate if you cooperate with me otherwise I was told to use force if it's necessary." He said flatly.

He was not a scary bodyguard, but his reasons of standing at my doorway were frightening. I couldn't respond to him because I was thinking what I should do. I couldn't fight against that family, but I couldn't let them do things as they please. Whatever they were doing was illegal.

Aaron titled his head to look into my house, "You haven't packed your things yet. Let me help you." He moved his foot to step inside, but I instantly blocked his way by coming in front.

"Don't." I said in a brittle voice, "I'll do it. You stay outside."

I was saved from going to jail, but Hobsons had thought to punish me in a different way. I guess that's how I was going to bear the consequences of my stupidity.

He pulled in his lower lip and gave me a nod, stepping back, "Okay. By the way, you need to hand over your phone to me."

"Excuse me?"

He closed his dark eyes momentarily in irritation then explained, "Your phone will be with me from now. If you'll get any call or text, I'll let you know or if you want to contact anyone, let me know. You'll get your phone for five minutes. Your time can be increased depending on whom you're calling."

"What?" I snapped, contorting my face in fury.

I can't believe this. What they would gain by confiscating my phone? It's not like I had secret messages in my device against them.

"Don't think that I'm saying all this on my own. I've got instructions from Matt." He said further.

I tightened my jaws, suppressing the rising anger in me. It was so humiliating. They would now intrude in my privacy as well.

"So, will you?"


He gave me an exasperating look. This time he entered in my house without asking my permission and started looking around. His gaze caught my phone that was placed on the bedside.

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