8. The Unsolvable Puzzle

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I was playing with that twinkling diamond ring which was still with me. A very strong evidence that explains my deception, a reminder that I was really at the Church. Since my mind was still numb, still froze that's why I was feeling lost. Although, I ran out of there safely, but this could not solve the whole problem.

I was locked in my dorm room. The wedding dress was there on my bed. The shoes were there as well. I didn't fully wash away the makeup either even though it had been twenty four hours since the wedding. I was no more audacious enough to face the world. I was too scared, too dreadful to do that.

I was thankful that Carol was not here or else it would be difficult to hide this from her. I was feeling safe here in my room as if nothing was wrong, nothing really happened. My phone rang all day, but I didn't check. It would be probably Andrew, probably Carol calling me. I didn't go to that mansion for cooking either.

The biggest question that was bothering me, that was creeping me out – Did I get married to that man yesterday?

Samara came back, but she was late. I hurried out of the Church and after that I didn't know what happened. Ashar pronounced Samara as his wife throughout all the wedding vows, but I didn't take those vows on her behalf. It was me who was standing against him. It was me, who got the ring from him, so it means I was now Ashar's wife?

My body trembled at the thought. If the answer to this question was yes then I didn't have many days left. Hobsons would kill me for this betrayal. My heart was feeling so heavy that I had troubled breathing. I couldn't be married to him. The officiant said Samara's name over and over again during all the vows and verses.

I had made such big promises in the Church that they were upsetting me. I was not very religious, but those marriage vows are so holy and sacred, you can't just let it pass. I was lying in the Church, in front of God, making fake promises. It could be count as a great sin. I was screwed for life certainly.

Sniffling, I sat up and dried the moisture from my cheeks. I unlocked my phone and went through my call history. There were few text messages from Carol, few missed calls from Andrew, Samara and Carol. I sent a quick message to Andrew apologizing for my absence and that I would come for the breakfast tomorrow. After that, I arranged a meeting with Samara through a text. She was the only one who could solve this bothersome puzzle, whether was I married to Ashar Hobsons or not.

After this meeting, I would just leave my job. I would leave this mansion. I didn't want to work for them anymore. My life was at stake and this could be the only way to save myself for now. I had to go out of this room and find a solution to get rid of this.


Next day, early in the morning, I assembled the shoes, wedding gown and put them in a shopping bag. I was going to return everything to their rightful owner. The strong fear was constantly fluttering in my stomach, making me weak. I was going to the mansion and it was not easy to pretend normal there. I could not hide my fright.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the mansion and walked through the front yard with that shopping bag in my hand. The cold sweat on my forehead increased, when I saw Ashar and Samara wandering in the garden. My face became pale as Ashar's face replayed the whole Church incident in my head.

It was my first time seeing him in the mansion. If I knew he was Samara's fiancé, I would've never agreed to her scam. He was in casual clothes; crew neckline, plain tee shirt and loose trousers. Whereas, Samara was wearing a mini sundress that was lightly blowing along with her hair due to soft morning breeze. They were chattering to each other. Both of them were smiling. Samara looked so carefree and relax that angered me a little. She shouldn't be like this when her whole marriage with Ashar was a question mark.

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