42. New Beginning, Old Memories

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I can't bring back the whole book until this copyright infringement solves. I'm sorry, but people here are keep reproducing my book on other platforms. You guys have to wait. 

Revised chapter


I was dumbfounded. On the other hand, Ashar was looking casual and relaxed with a small smile playing on his lips. Wrinkles formed on my forehead as my expression perplexed.

He was in sapphire blue, cotton shirt that was slightly wrinkled and his black blazer was hanging on his arm. His rolled up sleeves were expressing that he was standing here for quite some time. The sapphire blue color was making him look fairer and smarter. His dark hair were falling over his forehead, almost touching his brows. That fringe haircut was making him look different, enthralling and boyish. His face skin was rough, making him look manlier.

He ambled to me and stopped just a step away. I thought I was hallucinating or maybe it's all a dream. But, he spoke again in the same calm tone, forcing me to accept that I was seeing him in real. "It's not good for your health if you're working this late."

"How did you-you know I worked here?" I spluttered a question. I was still frowning while moving my eyes from up and down, examining his appearance.

He shrugged, "I found out."

I crossed my arms, getting restless, "Why are you here?"

Now it was his turn to scrutinize me. His blue gaze wandered over my face, coming back to my eyes. His blue eyes that used to sparkle in the night time now looked dull and haggard. His intense scrutiny made me feel self-conscious. "I'm here to see you." He gave me a sad smile that further increased my confusions, "You look different. Is it because of your new hair color?"

I looked away, avoided the eye contact, feeling awkward. He cocked his head to his side, observing my hair more closely, "Wait. You cut your hair. That's why you look different."

I touched the strand of my hair involuntarily and tucked it behind my ear, "Why are you here? I hope everything is okay?"

His face brought the flashbacks of the old, bitter memories of my past; those memories that were suppressed at some corner of my mind all those years. My heart began aching in my chest. I wanted to ask about my daughter from him; the daughter who probably had a new, rich Mom now, spending her life gleefully without knowing about her real mother who misses her so much.

"Yeah. Everything is okay." He answered, "I was planning to com-"

"So I should go then." I interrupted him and said solemnly. I fought the urge to ask about my daughter from him and locked my curiosity in my heart because I knew if I would get to know any small detail about her, I would be weak and my years of struggle of staying strong would go waste in just a minute.

We stared each other for a brief moment when I noticed something, something akin to sadness, ruefulness on his face. He pressed his lips in a way as if he was stopping himself from doing or saying something. I got puzzled up after reading his face.

But I ignored everything with a thought that it shouldn't be my concern and turned around with an intention to walk to my way. Ashar came forward and stood in front of me, "It's been three years. Can't we talk for few minutes?"

I snapped, anger rising in my veins, "What do you want to talk about?"

"Like how have you been? What do you do now days?"

He was getting on my nerves in the middle of the night when I was already quite tired. Due to working full-day, I was feeling exhausted and my mind couldn't bear his presence and the stress that came with him, "I've been doing really well. But, now that I saw you I think I'll encounter with some bad luck, then, I'll have a very bad day tomorrow. Now can you please get out of my way?" I said breathlessly.

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