5. The Wedding Day

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When I told Carol about the grand wedding's invitation, she whined like a kid that I should take her with myself. But, I refused because I was not going there. I could bet Katherine had just said it out of courtesy, she didn't mean it. Even if she was serious, still I was not going to go there. It's really not my business.

It took me quite some time to knock some sense in to Carol's head and convinced her that we couldn't go and gratefully she understood later on. She went to her parents' house for few days and said she would be back before finals so I was now living in the dorm's room all alone. To keep my words to Katherine, I went to the mansion on their special day, in other words; wedding day.

Today was a special day for Hobsons. Today, the famous bride and the groom would come into the sacred relation; marriage at around 7'o clock in the evening at the Catholic Church. I reached to the mansion four hours prior to the wedding to earn some more money by offering a helping hand to Katherine.

The foyer of the mansion looked like a total mess and disorganized. There were dozens of servants in the white uniform, busy in their respective tasks. They were going here and there, shifting wrapped items, food and other stuff in the cars. I was astounded to see that this family has umpteen numbers of domestic workers. I didn't see them in normal days.

Soon my gaze caught Katherine who was talking with someone on the phone. A man maybe in his early thirties was standing beside her, waiting for her to end the call and get her attention. I didn't see him before, but I was certain he was not from the domestic staff because of his expensive attire.

"All the deliveries should be on time, Mom. Why you hired Hamptons for catering? They are lazy asses." The man exploded as soon as he saw that Katherine had put her phone down.

She huffed, "Relax, Austin. Show some trust on your mother."

Austin Hobsons. Right. He was the elder son of the Hobsons' family, big brother of the groom of the day. He had curly golden brown hair, deep hazel eyes and perfect virile physique. All of the family members were not only wealthy, but it seemed like all of them had possessed good looks as well.

Katherine looked in my direction. She smiled and walked towards me, "Sanaya, I was waiting for you..."

Austin followed her, "I'm telling you this Hamptons will spoil our occasion. They never deliver on time."

She shot him a glare, "Their services are the best in the city. I know you love your brother a lot. But, nothing will go wrong. I promise you."

She turned her face to me again, "Say hello to our new cook Sanaya."

Reluctantly, Austin moved his head, studying my appearance, "You look young. Nice to meet you, by the way."

"Same here, sir." I smiled.

"Anyways, time to work. Go to the kitchen and pack the desserts the chefs have prepared." Katherine ordered.


Just before an hour left when the family had to leave for the Church, Katherine called me in the living room. She was sitting on the couch in her full-length, blood red gown that made her look few years younger. Her makeup was loud and dark with maroon lips and smoky eyes.

She was checking the shopping bags that were placed in front of her on the floor. She looked up when she saw me, "Come here, Sanaya." Pressing my lips together, I ambled to her.

"Why aren't you dressed up till yet?"

"I'm not going to the wedding. I was just here to help you." I stated nervously.

This time, she didn't insist me, but said, "I would have liked it if you would've come to the occasion, but anyways, please take all those shopping bags to Samara's room. It's the bride's accessories. She would be waiting for them."

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