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Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Turned Commander by AwesomeNinja1027
Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Turne...by Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Not related to Symphony of the Heart. Lt. Cdr. Wilfredo "Maverick" Fernandez is a hotshot Top Gun fighter pilot with a reckless personality. He always has a kn...
Azur Lane: RAI (DL766 Edit) by DL766_Official
Azur Lane: RAI (DL766 Edit)by CMZ2
Tap or click here for more info. Original Fanfic by @Izumo2 Full title Name: Azur Lane: Reincarnated as JS Izumo. Translation and Proofread by ChatGPT 3.5 turbo (from ch...
Admiral Nagato by AthenaIIV
Admiral Nagatoby AthenaIIV
Waking up in an unknown place and seemingly in the past, 'Retired' IJN Nagato finds herself in an alternate world to hers with enemies on all sides. Will the past repea...
Strange New World (Star Trek× Azur Lane crossover) by CassusSkirata
Strange New World (Star Trek× Azur...by Cassus Skirata
"Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifeforms and new...
Bismarck the warrior in azur lane  by SaritaKumari196
Bismarck the warrior in azur lane by Sarita Kumari
Bismarck was in its resting place when a cube came to the wreck and teleported him to azur lane
Nations United: Rise of Aquarius (Azur Lane X Male Reader Story) by YamaRancor
Nations United: Rise of Aquarius (...by Yama Rancor
A story of revenge and vengeance with romance. UNS Aquarius, a fighting city of STEEL, one of the largest ships if not the largest ship made by man-kind, on this huge a...
Three Battleships in Azur Lane by PhantomRider080
Three Battleships in Azur Laneby Jack Phantom
This story follows USS Texas as he Wisconsin and IJN Yamato embark on one of the greatest adventures of their lives.
Oro y Plata by USS-Alabama
Oro y Plataby Bama
Everyone loves having the big stick, but what about the biggest stick? Only one person can have that pleasure. Some claim they have the biggest stick, but only in a true...
Azur lane reacts to other universes by goldenprime1
Azur lane reacts to other universesby golden wolf
Some unknow being has taken many of the girls of azur lane to watch other universe so they can learn to work together again
The Gliding Dragon (Male Rock Drake Reader X Azur Lane) by DRAGHN
The Gliding Dragon (Male Rock Drak...by DRAGHN
If you love Azur Lane and you love the Rock Drake from Ark Survival Evolved, well you're in luck! This is the fanfic for you!
Azur lane: CVN 65 by kcore2234
Azur lane: CVN 65by Corr
You were a well known commander on the Enterprise CVN 65 during the cold war. You were training with your fleet when an explosion went off. What will happen when you rea...
To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger oc x azur lane) by Gab9102
To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger...by Gab9102
After years of service in the Osea Airforce, our main character callsign "Trigger" finally retire from his service. Famous for his effort in the Lighthouse War...
Beloved Commander [Azur Lane]  by KaboomKook0
Beloved Commander [Azur Lane] by Kaboom Kook
Commander is the title for someone leading the soldiers Someone people can put trust in Someone people will show loyalty Someone people will follow Can this Commander ac...
ARC - VERSE CINEMA  ( on hold ) by echoking74
ARC - VERSE CINEMA ( on hold )by echoking74
Time to get the rwby world characters to view everybody's lovable goof ball of an arc what will be the reactions of the rwby crew when they see alternate versions of the...
Rejected and Insecure by oluna15
Rejected and Insecureby Ijeoma Oluna Nkem
Christopher Benjamin Jackson is the last son of Daniel Jackson a rich and successful business man and a strict but loving single father of five sons. He has five brothe...
Azur Lane: A Royal Navy Carrier by Izumo2
Azur Lane: A Royal Navy Carrierby Izumo
After dying in a very bizarre way, she was reincarnated as the daughter of the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth... WHAT? DISCLAIMER: Azur Lane is not owned by me, all im...
Azur Lane: The Cruiser That Doesn't Exist  by Izumo2
Azur Lane: The Cruiser That Doesn'...by Izumo
Follow the fast-paced adventures in a dangerous world of a cruiser that doesn't exist, CLM-1701 a lone cruiser on a crusade to stop a war between factions on another wor...
a ship of lightning by Unbeknowntech
a ship of lightningby tech
this comes from the prologue navy ship scrapyard 1955 we see a destroyer with workers preparing to start on the day the ship has been fated to be scrapped even after all...
DD 724 goes to Azur Lane  by Godzillawtataken
DD 724 goes to Azur Lane by Godzillawtataken
i actually saw this on Reddit that someone wants this original design of Laffey to DD-724 the succeosor to DD 459 so I will make that a reality Enjoy keep in mind None o...
The Naive Secretary And The Harsh Boss by electric_forest
The Naive Secretary And The Harsh...by electric_forest
Twenty-three year old Anastasia "Stacey" Marks starts working as a secretary at Havens Enterprise. She falls for her attractive yet harsh boss, Vincent "V...