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Azur Lane X  Male Reader (Aircraft Carrier) by ShinTakamichi
Azur Lane X Male Reader (Aircraft...by Takamichi Shintaro
The america have build a new aircraft carrier called USS Freedom it was build to protect all humanity from the danger of the sirens will he be able to save humanity with...
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The Lost Ship (Azur lane harem x Male reader) by NielSabandal
The Lost Ship (Azur lane harem x M...by Niel Sabandal
In september 24,2029,The navy received a report about a strange anomaly in west philippine sea that has been rumored where the alien beings came from called the "si...
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Azur Lane: Two Ships From Different World by Enterprise-sama
Azur Lane: Two Ships From Differen...by Enterprise-sama
I hope you guys like it Breindel and his squadron attack the four carriers akagi kaga soryu and Hiryu when they get there..... Find out in the story I do not own any pi...
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A Captain And A Madman by RazielZonoran
A Captain And A Madmanby Joel O'Connor
En route to an urgent humanitarian mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise D stumbles upon a strange sight; a blue, wooden box stranded in the middle of Federation territory, mot...
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Modern Navy(Modern Ships x Azur Lane) by SyriaandIraq
Modern Navy(Modern Ships x Azur La...by Cali is waifu
Earth has been in war with the sirens with almost 1.000 casualties in the first week, 4 Ships of different nation were sucked into a mysterious portal after setting sail...
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Midway-class to Azur Lane (Azur Lane X Male reader) by HoangNam1610
Midway-class to Azur Lane (Azur La...by Supertiger1610
USS Midway and USS Franklin. D. Roosevelt (F.D.R) is sent to investigate an anomaly in the Artic seas caused by the Sirens. But they were sunk and transported to Azur La...
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The Sick Obsession (MaleReaderXAzurLane) by Czuchrev
The Sick Obsession (MaleReaderXAzu...by Czuchrev
I personally think the book is quite high quality for my standards. Enjoy.
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An Unexpected Arrival by Dumsystem
An Unexpected Arrivalby Bismarck
(DISCLAIMER: Updates would be slow.) U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65) was docked at a harbor after getting decommissioned awaiting for her faith to be scrapped, but somehow fa...
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the billionaire's kid | ✔️ by svdsouls
the billionaire's kid | ✔️by meem
after a one night stand, the billionaire, Alexander Wilson, never knew that he had a 6- year old daughter. What happens when they meet again, and Alexander finds out tha...
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The water calms me. by DeclanYoung
The water calms me.by Declan Young
(Abused)(powerful) male reader X Azur lane X Highschool DXD.
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The awakening of (Titankönig) by fue345s
The awakening of (Titankönig)by fue345s
The one who has slumber from the depths of the abyss has once again awaken from his slumber, confused and cautious he will destroy any and all enemies that blocks his wa...
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Am I Married? by ficrom
Am I Married?by Nimra. Z
Book cover credit: Alvie Langston .................................................. Eighteen years old, Sanaya Frances was finding ways to earn more to gather money fo...
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Azur Lane Fanfiction - Stay With Me by FRG4402
Azur Lane Fanfiction - Stay With Meby FRG4402
Ethan was an office worker who was made fun of by his co-workers because he liked anime, but soon his life changed when his phone started malfunctioning and he was sucke...
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Azur Lane: Commander (X Male Reader) by rg808guy
Azur Lane: Commander (X Male Reade...by Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: this is a (Azur Lane x Male Reader) Description: You, are the commander of the Azur Lane base. As the commander, it's always possible for your ships to fall I love...
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Nations United: Rise of Aquarius (Azur Lane X Male Reader Story)  by YamaRancor
Nations United: Rise of Aquarius (...by Yama Rancor
A story of revenge and vengeance with romance. UNS Aquarius, a fighting city of STEEL, one of the largest ships if not the largest ship made by man-kind, on this huge a...
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Once Upon a Prince by Kendallmariie
Once Upon a Princeby Kendallmariie
A Cinderella tale with a modern twist. Raylynn wants to be loved but also wants to get away from her father, step-mother, and step-sisters but she may need the help of...
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Azur Lane X Male Reader by N7Captain
Azur Lane X Male Readerby N7Captain
What if a ship from the future somehow came to the past? Well, let's find out as Azur Lane finds an ally that might just be able to win this war on his own.
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Million Dollar Bills by KieleyEloise
Million Dollar Billsby KieleyEloise
I never thought I would meet someone like Marco De Luca. He was tall, dark, handsome, confident and sly. Everything that attracted me. It wasn't exactly easy to ignore a...
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The armored fleet by KacchanSempai
The armored fleetby Kacchan Sempai
The armored and best-armed ship together with its fleet sank and 1944 in a battle to destroy the Japanese navy they sank gloriously and D. Pedro II a battleship goes to...
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Azur Lane FanFiction by Patrickhero100
Azur Lane FanFictionby P4trck_93
Basically some random adventures with the ship girls I have. Some love scenarios, random skits, gacha summons, and other things.
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