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Azur Lane: Enterprise Betrayed by AwesomeNinja1027
Azur Lane: Enterprise Betrayedby Wilfredo M. Fernandez
An Azur Lane alternate universe story. USS Enterprise (CV-6) was subjected to a series scientific alterations that turned her into a human being. However, during the dis...
Million Dollar Bills by KieleyEloise
Million Dollar Billsby KieleyEloise
I never thought I would meet someone like Marco De Luca. He was tall, dark, handsome, confident and sly. Everything that attracted me. It wasn't exactly easy to ignore a...
Nations United: Rise of Aquarius (Azur Lane X Male Reader Story) by YamaRancor
Nations United: Rise of Aquarius (...by Yama Rancor
A story of revenge and vengeance with romance. UNS Aquarius, a fighting city of STEEL, one of the largest ships if not the largest ship made by man-kind, on this huge a...
The Old Commander by RememberNoName
The Old Commanderby Rio Armd
you see the title right?
Azur Lane: The lazy Destroyer(?) by NguynLThinPhc
Azur Lane: The lazy Destroyer(?)by Lone Ranger
[Third book!... Calling it a book might be stretching a bit too far as the chapter will be shorter than my other two. But nonetheless its still a new project i will be w...
A 24th Century Ship In Azur Lane by Arrow2k12
A 24th Century Ship In Azur Laneby GreyGhost1701E
After Dealing with the Borg in the late 21st century, Enterprise NCC 1701 E was about to return to his own time but an anomaly sends him further into not only the past b...
Enterprise's New Life by AwesomeNinja1027
Enterprise's New Lifeby Wilfredo M. Fernandez
USS Enterprise (CV-6), a floating city of steel. After a stellar service career in World War 2. She was decommissioned in 1958. She's the only ship that earned 20 battle...
Azur Lane: Full ahead by Arcadia2121
Azur Lane: Full aheadby Arcadia Harlock
A guided missile destroyer after its remodeling was canceled and it was dismantled is given a third chance of life in another world, where humanity is in a war against t...
The Legacy {Male Reader X Azur Lane}  by theidiotno23
The Legacy {Male Reader X Azur Lan...by Bang💥..
Y/n a boy who has been raised in orphanage because his mother abandoned him. He has been raising until age 6 then someone took him as his son. Y/n think him as a Stepfat...
Great... Any Idea Who The Pervert That Made Them? by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Great... Any Idea Who The Pervert...by Change is Good
Dante in Azur Lane... cause why not? also bored and my mind won't give a damn for not writing on my other books.
New Waters by KhaizulFrost
New Watersby Khairul Afif
You are the first battlecarrier to ever be created. The Siren have become a threat to humanity that can drove humans to extinction. An effort was made as all forces were...
Modern Navy(Modern Ships x Azur Lane) by SyriaandIraq
Modern Navy(Modern Ships x Azur La...by Cali is waifu
Earth has been in war with the sirens with almost 1.000 casualties in the first week, 4 Ships of different nation were sucked into a mysterious portal after setting sail...
The British Iowa(Male Battleship x Azur Lane) by Jerzeyboy95
The British Iowa(Male Battleship x...by The Great Black Dragon
BB-66. Does that hull number mean anything to you? In our world It belonged to the uncompleted ship of the USS Kentucky. Used as a spare parts hulk for his sisterships a...
Reality or Fantasy: Stories Of The High Seas by night-hunters
Reality or Fantasy: Stories Of The...by Night Hunters
Two famous battleships of the Pacific got themselves into a universe where their war is fought by some shipgirls! Both the crews and the captains of their respective shi...
Pacific rim (gipsy avenger) x azur lane by noel807
Pacific rim (gipsy avenger) x azur...by StrikerEureka
So hi guys this is my first story i have ever made so please dont hate on me any at the title says this is a azur lane pacific rim crossover
To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger oc x azur lane) by Gab9102
To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger...by Gab9102
After years of service in the Osea Airforce, our main character callsign "Trigger" finally retire from his service. Famous for his effort in the Lighthouse War...
Betrayed Crimson Axis Commander x Azur lane by ZeketheAssassin
Betrayed Crimson Axis Commander x...by Jove Lacabs
Um hey guys this is my very first story in wattpad, so please go easy on me. (note: i dont own Azur lane or any pics that are shown in this story.) Y/N is a commander of...
"Impressive Commander." (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by Mobius117
"Impressive Commander." (Azur Lane...by Mobius117
In a world in conflict with the Sirens, a young commander is assigned to Azur Lane. He will be tested by his command, his enemies and his ships. His command and enemies...
Azur Lane The Animation X Modern Warships (Rewrite or Remastered) by CalebadmiraCalebThre
Azur Lane The Animation X Modern W...by The Three Strikes
The Story Of Different Modern Ships from Our World Being Teleported To The World Of Azur Lane
Azur Lane - Destiny by Re_Lynx
Azur Lane - Destinyby Re_Lynx
Being the only person who were born with special power in his world, (Y/n) (L/n) was kept secret to outsiders by the goverment. Ever since he was born, his destiny and p...