28. False Hopes

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For all those who are waiting for the main leads' first kiss and some romance, that is going to happen in chapter 30 or 31. Stay tuned! ;)

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"What is it? Why you called me here?" I asked to Arya when we reached upstairs.

"Come inside this room." She pointed her finger to the room on her left side, "I'm preparing a bag for mother. Help me sort out the things she would need in the hospital."

We began walking towards the room.

"I told you just pack some warm and comfortable clothes." I said.

I entered into the room and noticed a grey bag placed on the bed and few clothes that were scattered beside it. The room was small and plain. Sometimes mother usually take naps in this room during day time.

"What about this shawl? Would it be helpful?" Arya ran towards the bag and grabbed a stripped pattern, woolen shawl.

"Yes, put it. This is she wears frequently, right?"

"Yeah." She folded the shawl and pushed it inside the bag.

We sorted out some more clothes for next ten minutes. During that time my mind was flooded with thoughts related to Ashar and his change of behavior. I wondered that was he still there waiting for me or not.

When curiosity rose in me, I informed to the volunteer. 

"I should go now." 

"Wait. Take this bag with you." She gave me that bag.


I wanted to run outside and see him. He would be angry if he was still there waiting for me.

"Who was that man, by the way?' She quizzed.

"Are you into older guys?"

"That's not true. He's just a friend." I said defensively.

She narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously.

"Arya, he's already married." Yeah, with me.

I didn't know why I said that. I was really bad at making up excuses.

"What a loss!" She reacted.

I had to talk to Ashar about that matter. He could not just come and go anywhere he liked to. If he forced me to be careful, then he should follow the same advice.

"I'm going now. See you later." I quickly said that to her and ran out of the building.

I caught Ashar. He was still there, standing beside his car, waiting for me.

What a gentleman he was!

His gaze met with mine. He frowned at me.

I moved to him with a bag in my hand.

"I told you I'm waiting outside for you. I'm not your driver, Miss."

I scoffed, "I didn't ask you to do so."

He got pissed off, "What an ungrateful teenager."

I gasped aloud in exasperation.

"Why are you being so nice to me? Why are you doing all this?"

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