47. Still Married

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I reached to Ashar's office with Derek with a thought that I would scold him, but then I realized that my words didn't affect him even a bit. He had sworn to himself probably to piss me off till the end. I just didn't understand that it took him three years to tell me the truth. And what exactly he was thinking when he decided to accept his mistakes? What difference was it going to make?

Knocking the door for once, I stepped inside Ashar's office. Derek followed me. He was on call with someone. When he saw us, he gave us a light nod.

"No, no problem at all." He spoke to the person on call.

All of the scars from his face were now disappeared excluding the bandage on his forehead. I got worried a little, remembering the lockup incident.

"But, I can't let you know now. You send me the details. I'll go through them and will update you."

He turned his swivel chair to his side. I and Derek grabbed our chairs and sat at the other end of his office desk.

"Yeah, okay. Thanks." He ended the call and turned in our direction. I placed the file on his desk while Derek and he exchanged greetings.

"Are you going to the Benicio Kingley's wedding anniversary party?" Derek asked to him.

"Who is he?" Ashar looked at me and asked the question nonchalantly.

His aura of perfect personality never failed to influence me in ways I didn't want to think about. He was out of my reach. His words of that morning remained in my mind and I couldn't say that they didn't affect me. I thought that even for once, even for a short period of time Ashar saw me as a woman.

"I can't believe you're saying this. He's the renowned businessman and his name is in the list." Derek stated staggeringly.

He turned his head to me and quizzed, "Sanaya, do you remember him? He's our client."

"Yes, I've got the invitation." I answered.

He was a very cooperative client of iAdverts, unlike Ashar, indeed. Benicio was celebrating his twentieth wedding anniversary at his mansion and invited all the staff of iAdverts. I was planning to respond to his invitation and give my greetings to him.

"I've got the invitation too. Are you going?"

"Maybe" I shrugged.

"Ashar, you should go to the party and maintain the goodwill with him and then later on, sign the contract." Derek looked at Ashar and suggested him.

"He's right... It's a good opportunity." I agreed with him.

Ashar mused, "Hmm... In business world, you can't avoid such parties... Well then, you all should come too." He rested his arms on the table and leaned forward in my direction.

"We'll see." I muttered angrily.

The corners of her lips curved downward in reaction for a moment. Afterwards, he composed himself and pulled back in his chair. "Alright... please tell me the progress."

I began explaining, "The plan is we'll first have to stabilize that new gadget of course and for this we need to target big companies and persuade them to try this. Once the reputation will be build, we could target the common people easily..."

We discussed the plan for next fifteen minutes. Derek and I told him briefly about the things that were done so far. Ashar only nodded his head throughout that time. Afterwards, he snapped his fingers then pointed his index finger at us, "Okay, my next target is Benicio Kingsley."

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