4. The Female Billionaire

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During my childhood days, I remained isolated most of the time because I was going through a rough time. It was a time when I started understanding the word 'orphan'. Almost all of the orphans experience the same phase. My eyes always glistened when I used to see kids at school coming with their parents, especially at annual parent-teacher meetings. No one came for me in any of the school meetings because I had no family. My progress report was emailed to the foster home time to time.

Since these issues are normal for the teachers and volunteers who work there so they have solutions for this. They treated me. I went through series of counseling sessions with their psychiatrist and counselors. They also gave me medicines to reduce my stress. Once I passed that stage of my life, I started doing better. I accepted the bitter truth about my fate and tried to live with it. I stopped thinking about my biological parents.

I was searching through my small wardrobe for some fresh clothes. Carol had invited me to join the discussion about our final exams at the library. All of her friends decided to study together so she also asked me to come over. I didn't deny the offer because I wanted to be a part of the discussion and get some tips to do well in exams.

My eyes caught the silk blouse that was blemished by that suited-booted man. I took it out and stared at the stain on it. This piece of fabric reminded me of those blueberry eyes, those virile physiques and the strong cologne and how he didn't show any interest in me. I got surprised when I found that feeling of disappointment was still there in me.

Maybe, I should just change my style of clothing, get a new haircut and learn some good makeup techniques. Maybe I was being too careless about my appearance that even Samara also insulted me. The ringtone of my phone disrupted my chain of thoughts. I threw my silk top back in the wardrobe and reached for my phone.

The caller was Ryan; my friend since my early days. He also faced the same problems like me - no parents. We both went to the same high school, but since he was three years older than me so he completed his high school earlier and then shifted to California for college.


"Hey. How are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm doing good, getting prepared for the finals. You tell how's everything there?"

"Oh. Good luck. Little Sanaya is finally completing her high school phase. And yes everything is fine here." He answered in a teasing tone.

I raised my brows, "I'm just three years younger than you, not ten years. So stop sounding like a big brother."

Ryan was also my first crush. Despite possessing good looks, he was a owner of great, friendly and supportive personality. In my early teens, he was very protective of me. He never liked when one of our teachers scolded or punished me for my mistakes because I was a slow learner. At school, he helped me with my homework and class assignments. During that time, feelings for him grew in me, but it was one-sided. He didn't look at me that way.

He didn't say anything to me. I just found out about his heart when he started dating Tessa. She was his classmate. Ryan was my first male friend. I was so dependent on him during my early teens that I started imagining on my own that we would be perfect for each other. However, I didn't think like this anymore. He was still dating the same girl who went to the same college.

Gradually, I accepted the fact that we were only good as friends and forgot about him. One-sided love for Ryan was the only thing to tell about my dating life. I had never dated anyone nor thought about any guy because I got busy with my money-making goals that I thought I won't be able to keep someone happy due to my busy routine.

"Oh come on. We're each other's family, you know that. I've to act like a family sometimes to remind you that you have someone to call your own. I'm happy for you that you're finally graduating." He said.

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