39. Nineteenth Birthday

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Warning - Chapter is unedited. It will be proofread within a week.

First of all congratulations to me for the completion of 50k reads. 

Secondly, listen,  the choice Sanaya is making is not an easy one. That's why she'a thinking a lot and observing behavior of Hobsons's family very closely. I'm just sticking to that part to show her struggle and thought process.

I'm sorry if some of you are disappointed with the storyline so far, but it would get better. I understand that these chapters are boring, but a part of Sanaya's struggle, so they are important and can't be excluded. In the very first scene of the following chapter she has taken her decision. And the next chapter will be the last chapter which will show her time at mansion. She is going to leave soon. 

Don't forget to comment and vote. And don't worry, I've decided to write one chapter from Ashar's POV. It will be there soon. 

My deep condolences to the worldwide fans of Sulli, K-pop star. 😢 

It's sad, very, very sad. Rest in Peace, Sulli. 

(In this picture, it seems like she is waving her last good bye to the world

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(In this picture, it seems like she is waving her last good bye to the world.)


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Reluctantly, I opened his car's front door and sat on my side while cussing some swear words to Abigail and Eleanor. It was because of them I had to accept Ashar's help.

My damn pride was crushed under his feet!

Ashar started the car after giving me a quick glance.

"You smell of coke. Did you pour down the drink on your dress instead in a glass?" He mocked, looking at me through the corners of his eyes.

I shot him a glare, suppressing my embarrassment.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, then, stay quite please."

I really wanted to burst into anger at him and tell him that my present state was because of him. Those girls were pestering me because of him. But, I suppressed my anger because I was in no mood to argue with him. 

"Okay, just answer my one last question." He glimpsed at me.

Instead of replying him, I leaned back my head on the car seat and closed my eyes.

"Do you've some sort of obsession with ruining clothes through liquids? I remember you tried to burn my skin through coffee, now I'm seeing you all wet as if you've poured down a gallon of coke on yourself."

My jaw clenched. I didn't open my eyes and stayed in the same position.

"If you're done with your silly jokes, drive faster. Your presence suffocates me."

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