44. The Lunch Break

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Just before the sunset, I went to the day care center to pick up my daughter. By staying near to Zoya, I got to forget about Ashar problem and every other problem of my problematic life. However, that little kid reminded of my sin a lot more than before. I wondered how my parents would've survived after leaving me alone. Did they feel the same way like me?

If yes, then, they surely didn't have an easy life. 

I stopped walking when I noticed Ashar was standing at the front gate of the daycare with a yellow patterned paper bag in his hand. My mood was once again ruined.

The corners of his lips curved upward into a smile as his gaze met with mine. My nostrils flared. I didn't know why he kept giving me puppy like smile. It constricted my heart in ways I didn't want to think about.

He walked towards me. I crossed my arms against my chest and waited for him to explain his reasons of coming here.

"I thought it would be difficult for you to take care of her. But, you're doing good." He again gave me his amiable smile that twisted my stomach in knots. 

Seeing him concerned for my daughter was a heart-melting moment for me. I could clean off all the grudges about him from my heart if that's how he had repented for his mistakes. That's all I wanted from him all those years to not to make Zoya suffer because of me.

I put aside my thoughts and retorted a question at him, "Are you going to stalk me all day?"

"No." He prompted in a defensive manner, "I was here to see Zoya. I'm about to leave."

I uncrossed my arms and wordlessly walked forward, not going to prolong my meeting with him.

"Hey, wait."

I exhaled a breath in exasperation and turned around.

"Here, take this." He moved up the paper bag in front of my face, "I brought it for you."

With a confused face, I took it from him and moved my hand into it to bring out whatever thing was inside. My confusion increased. I saw a photo album. Yes, a very large-sized photo album. It could contain probably hundreds of photographs.

"What's this?" I held the album in front of him.

"Memories." He replied, looking at the album, "It contains all the photographs of Zoya from her birth till her third birthday."

My brows shot up in astonishment.

His eyes moved on my face, "I captured all for you so that you don't miss out the important moments of her life. How she looked all those years. You can know now. I thought I'll give this to you when we'll meet."

I stared at him in blank amazement. He recorded Zoya's pictures for me? Was he really Ashar?

"I guess I should go now. See you tomorrow." He gave a light a nod to me and then, walked out of my sight.

I stood there, stupefied. This collection of photographs explained that he remembered me, thought of me and even knew that I would want to see Zoya growing up.

Oh boy, what you're doing to me?


I was setting up the dinner table for me and Zoya with a stupid, child-like smile on my face. I had been like this since I had seen Zoya. She was like a boost in my energy, a rainbow to my black and white life.

She talked a lot. Although, most of her pronunciations were wrong, but still, I think she loved talking and telling her stories to others. Her poor communication skills made her more endearing and adorable. That's why, I just let her talk and listen to her wordlessly and entertain myself.

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