41. Triple Good News

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Revised chapter


Three Years Later

"This haircut is giving you a whole new look." The young girl who was doing my hair commented.

It was the beginning of the season of flowers, the cold temperature transiting to summer heat gradually. It was my favourite time of the year, so I thought of getting a new look. My friend, Carol recommended me a new hair salon, saying that they had skilled and experienced staff. Her good reviews about the place impelled me to witness it by myself.

She was right to some extent. The service was good, staff was cooperative and polite and the warm layout of the salon made the environment calm. The fresh, light cooling of the air conditioner relaxed my limbs.

"Are you sure?" I asked for an assurance.

"Of course, see it by yourself." She combed her fingers in my hair for one last time and then, stepped back.

I stood on my feet, slightly pushed back the rolling, swivel chair and looked myself in the mirror. Previously I had long hair, so I thought of going for medium length this time. I turned on my side to see a full view of my hair.

Ciara was right. I looked different with classic layers that made my chestnut hair bouncy and voluminous. She even highlighted my few layers with a warm copper shade. The combination of new hair colors and cut really complimented my oval-shaped face.

 The combination of new hair colors and cut really complimented my oval-shaped face

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Arranging them through my fingers, I framed my face by them to see a final look. I was hesitant with short hair idea, thinking that it would not look good on me, but, I was wrong. This medium haircut totally suited me. Putting aside my fascination for my hair, I turned to the girl who was waiting for my response, "Thanks a lot, Ciara. You did a good job."

Her lips curved upward into a full smile, "It's a pleasure, looking forward to see you again."

"Sure." I said, returning the smile.

I paid the cash to her and hurried out of the salon because I was getting late for my lunch date with my friends. They all would've reached to the restaurant by now.

Almost twenty minutes later, I arrived to the restaurant where all of us decided to gather for the lunch. I pulled opened the glass door and stepped inside. The scent of spices and burning cinnamons sticks struck my nostrils, making my empty stomach growl in response.

I danced my walnut brown iris around the restaurant to locate my friends. They were there. All of them. My eyes caught them. I ambled towards the table, pulled back the vacant chair beside Carol and joined them.

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