22. His Sarcasms

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I was standing at some distance from the front entrance of the mansion because Ashar was going to arrive here any minute. I got that piece of information from Melanie. She said he usually came to this house at this time for about an hour. I was going to caught him today and ask him to help me in my college work.

I had tried all my ways, used all my contacts to find a business owner who could be ready for a short interview with me, but so far I was failed in my attempt. The big proprietors were not ready for meeting on such a short notice and since I was running out of time, I had to put aside my pride and think on Melanie's suggestion. I hated to confront Ashar for his help and giving him a chance to insult me.

The submission was now just a week away. My anxiety and pessimistic thoughts forced me not to waste any more time and at least try my best although I knew he would never agree to help me.

I got a hold on myself when I saw Ashar entered into the house. Instantly, I scurried forward and blocked his way. He became flabbergasted and stopped walking before he would bump into me. His face contorted into bemusement as he looked down at me. All of my confidence disappeared into thin air when I was surrounded by his potent ambiance.

Without using any word, he lifted up his brows, giving me a hint that he was waiting for me to explain him my reason for interrupting him. I gulped, "I...I need a small favor from you. It's not difficult."

"And what made you think that I would give a favor to you?" He asked flatly.

Puckering my lips together, I avoided looking into his eyes because he would know his response had infuriated me. I had to act patiently if I wanted his help, "Because you're an eminent businessman and you can help students."


"I want your help in my college assignment." I said in a wavering tone.

He paused for a moment before saying in monotone, "Still I don't want to help. Now get out of my way."

Ignoring me, he walked past me. I growled and started following him, "I told you it's not difficult for you. The deadline is coming closer. Just half an hour, please?"

He stopped and passed me a frown, "No."

"I'll fail the course, Ashar." I pleaded, "I'll give you a favor in return, anything you want. I'll do it."

He stared at me thoughtfully. I couldn't understand whether my words were doing its job or not because his face was unreadable. After a moment, he sniggered and brought his face close to mine. I wanted to draw back, but his eyes held me. "It's not working. I don't have to make a deal with you when I'm powerful enough to force you to do anything for me. Remember, you're my hostage. But, you're too cheap and hollow, Sanaya. You're not useful."

If he was trying to hurt me, then he succeeded. I felt the wet, hot tears blurring my vision. I stepped back and looked away from his face. His abasing words about me made my heart sink. I felt humiliated. "Okay." I glanced at him and said. The smirk on his face faded.

I could no more talk to him so I just left from there without giving him further chance to deflate me anymore.

Why in the world I thought that Ashar would cooperate with me? Melanie should now see his friendly boss. He was venomous and ferocious. I loathed him.


Next day in the evening, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Melanie was there also because she wanted to learn cooking so when she got some break from her work, she came to me and observe me. "Are you okay, Sanaya? You're looking down today."

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